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Thread: baby shampoo

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    Default baby shampoo

    Anyone else use baby shampoo/wash? I just got out of the shower and washed up completely after a nice long diapered weekend with this. Most amazing stuff ever. I'm not nearly as much of an AB as I am a DL, but this stuff makes me regress mentally a lot and makes me feel very... pretty for lack of a better word perhaps.

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    Haha every second time I buy shampoo I buy baby shampoo because it's good for my hair. My mum's been buying me baby shampoo every second time since I was tiny and I just kept it up! It makes your hair so soft and smooth

    I also use baby moisturiser because my skin's really sensitive so it's the only stuff I can use

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    I have a bottle somewhere, but I've only used it once. Nona bought it for me ages ago. I love the smell of it though.

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    Yep I do. Every other day in fact; the Johnson and Johnson with lavender. I also use the Johnson and Johnson baby body wash.

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    Interesting. I've never really thought of using baby shampoo, but it sounds fun. For those of you who use it, how is it different from adult shampoo? I mean, I know it's usually formulated to be gentler so it doesn't burn the baby's eyes, but does it clean your hair better than/not as well as adult shampoo? Does it leave more moisture in your hair? I can't imagine that it has the all the same (or better) cosmetic effects as adult shampoo, since adult shampoo is usually formulated to make your hair shinier or more vibrant or softer, whereas I can't imagine that's of much concern with a toddler.

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    I love the smell of baby shampoo I have a big bottle I use everyday washing my hair.

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    I use Johnson's baby shampoo, it's great for your hair and I love the smell!

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    Absolutely love the stuff but I don't use it very often. It feels like it leaves my hair even softer than regular shampoo does.
    My favorite is Huggies lavender baby wash and Johnsons baby shampoo a close second.
    I think I'm gunna hop in the shower now..

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    I use baby shampoo all the time. In my experience, regular shampoo strips your hair of basically all the dirt and oil, which is why we have to use conditioner to put some of the oil/softness back in. My hair's pretty thin, and it probably wouldn't work on super thick/curly hair, but it leaves my hair SUPER soft. It's amazing, and I don't even have to use conditioner anymore.

    I'd probably use it even if I wasn't *B. It's just less harsh.

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    I use my kids' baby shampoo whenever I have run out of adult shampoo.

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