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Thread: New to this Site

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    Smile New to this Site

    Just wanted to say hi and found this site through another link and it looks awesome! looking forward to chatting with more people as the time goes on. Just curious if anyone else is from the Calgary area that woudl like to chat some more? Feel free to message me back and we can chat, thx

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    Hey welcome!

    Here are some exciting links for you to read before you go any further:

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    Why don't you re-try with your intro and bulk it out a bit!

    Also, we don't really encourage meet ups, so you're probably better not asking if there are people in a specific area until you're more established as a member

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    hey Talula,

    thanks for the advice, sorry I didn't post more about myself, but here goes:

    I'm from Calgary,Alberta,Canada.. I have been into diapers since I was 12, no one knows I wear them except for people on these sites . I go to UofC and play both hockey and basketball. Love sports and I consider myself a DL. I like to watch movies and hang out with friends. Hope this helps with my introduction but if you would like to know more just message me

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    Awesome! What sort of movies do you like? I'm more of a RomCom chick myself, but I'm open to new ideas

    What's your favourite type of music?

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    well I like comedy and action. as for music I like all types except for really heavy metal and heavy rap, those annoy me

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    Haha fair enough!

    The club I used to work in had a rap open mic night, and we used to draw straws to see who had to work it, because we all hates it so much!

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    my favorite movie is dumb and dumner followed by liar liar and I also like backdraft

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    Welcome to Adisc! What are your favorite basketball and hockey teams?

    Just as an FYI...

    Please do not use pictures that are huge, offensive, or prominently feature your crotch as your avatar.
    You may want to read through the following link (also found above in Talula's post) to get a better idea of what Adisc is about:
    Last edited by HoganBunny; 06-Sep-2010 at 01:44. Reason: :P posted too soon...

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    Hey HogansHeroes, oops! my bad sorry about that guess I missed that part of the rules, I just changed it. anyway my favorite basketball team in the nba is: Los Angeles Lakers and my favorite nhl team of course woudl be my home team the Calgary Flames.. what about you?

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    I haven't really watched hockey, so I don't really have a favorite NHL team. NBA would probably be the Timberwolves or my college's team.

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