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Thread: Baby Nappies for a 28" waist. (UK only)

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    Red face Baby Nappies for a 28" waist. (UK only)

    So, I have a 28" waist (or there about) i live in the UK. What are the best BABY nappies for me?


    P ox

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    Why don't you go find out. I don't think anyone has done an article on what baby diaper sizes translate into in waist, etc. measurements.

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    Pampers size 6 are the largest I believe (correct me if I'm wrong, I have no knowledge of baby diapers) but I doubt they'd fit a 28 inch waist, you may just get them on but they'll break easily and won't hold much (if any) urine. Baby diapers aren't designed for adults so they are generally an inferior product compared to adult diapers. Large goodnites will work but aren't baby diapers, just pull ups.

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    It is possible that you will fit into a baby brand nappies, although probably not comfortably. However, the only way to know for sure is to buy some - make sure whichever brand of nappies you buy you get them in size 6 (the biggest UK brand). When I was 16 and had a similarly sized waist to you I was able to fit into the Pampers Baby Dry, but they then changed the design so they were less stretchy and they no longer fitted. I don't know how stretchy the sides of the current design are. However, you might like to try them. Huggies superdry also come in a size 6. If you don't fit into the first brand of size 6 nappies you buy, try another brand - there is often quite a size difference between brands.

    If you're not able to experiment by buying lots of different brands of nappies due to cost/hiding them/getting to the shop etc, but still want something decorated with childish prints then I find Huggies XL pull-ups have super stretchy sides, so they will probably fit you with no problem. Make sure you get the XL though, some smaller stores only stock large. Personally I wouldn't recommend Pampers pull-ups though as they are much less stretchy and will not fit as comfortably. You might also like to look at pull-ups made for older kids such as Drynites or Underjams.

    If you are really intent on wearing baby diapers then buy a bag of size 6 Huggies/Pampers/whatever brand you choose and try them on - if they don't fit then it is possible to modify them so they do. To modify them you need two nappies, a pair of scissors and a stapler (just the regular kind used for stapling paper). Take the first nappy and cut off the tapes only (literally just the velcro tabs), put this nappy to one side. You are then going to use the tapes and sides from the second nappy to extend the length of the sides for the first nappy. You need to cut the the sides of the nappy with the tapes attached from the second nappy (cut right up to where the padding begins) and these can then be stapled to the first nappy - you will probably need to use a few staples and don't staple too close to the edges or they will tear out. Done correctly you should have added an extra 2 inches or so of length to each side. If you need to add more length than this to the sides then you can also use the sides from the front of the second nappy, just make sure you staple these ones on before the part with the tapes on!

    The downsides to this method is that the sides sometimes snap - you may need to practice a few times to make the most effective adjustments. It is also quite time consuming (I suggest doing a few at once) and another downside is that for every nappy you want to wear you have to use two - the nappy with the tapes cut off can make a good booster/stuffer though. It's not really a method suitable for every time you wear, but if you want to feel that extra bit babyish it's great.

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    Thanks for your help! I've tried the Pampers Baby Dry, they fit ok-ish... I might try Huggies!


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