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    Um, just thought I'd post.

    If my mom ever found out. I'd be so dead. Posting on dorums is completely prohibited in out house. I'm really sure, this would be no exception.

    Anyways. I'm tempted to say I'm a TB, but I'm not sure ... I like diapers, gosh, do I like diapers ... but I don't like dressing up.

    Just thought I'd show you all I was here.


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    I take it you won't be posting regularly at the risk of invoking the wrath of your Mum, welcome regardless.

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    I'll be on, I hope ...

    I have my own computer, which is usbject to random history checks, but I'm devious and deleted sections she shouldn't see. When she's not home, or very occupied I'll make appearances. More frequently on weekends.

    Its just amazing to know, I'm not as messed up as a I thoght I was.

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    Welcome to this site, I'm sure you'll like it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PottyPants View Post
    Its just amazing to know, I'm not as messed up as a I thoght I was.
    You are definately not messed up.

    If you like diapers and don't necessarily like dressing up... then I think you are more of a DL... Diaper Lover.

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    Isn't DL, like, you enjoy them sexually, because I don't especially ...

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    Footed P.J.


    It doesn't have to be sexual, from what I gather. I think I've been here about a year, and I just like seeing diapers (and footed PJs) on young women. Nothing more. So, to that limit, it is sexual, but I do not wear and do not roleplay. There are all types on here, and at times it takes getting used to, but it's been fun learning. You take what you can take and leave the rest.

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    If you love them sexually it's a diaper fetish...If you like them for other reasons, or sexually too (but not limited to) then you're a DL...If you like dressing/acting like a baby, then you're a(n) AB/TB

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