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Thread: hi im new here!

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    Talking hi im new here!

    i just wanted to say hello. my name is jamiesmommy. im pretty new to the abdl world. im intrested in learning more. as that i recently found out that my bf is a abdl. i except him for who he is, i just want to be able to love him in the wasy he needs to be loved. comments n segestions welcome! (oh n i have horrible spelling, sorry)

    edit: please see post below for more information about my self
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    Welcome to ADISC! This community is really good about helping new comers you can basically ask anyone and they can give you the information you need to help your boyfriend out. Oh and it's really cool that you excepted him,your both very lucky! Have a nice day!

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    Hey chicka! I'm glad you made an account. I know you're going to be a great mommy to Jamie (aka stirlock) he's so excellent and I'm so grateful to know you both!

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    Cool, it's nice to know what brought you to the site, but we're all about the community here, so we need to know more about you as a person.

    Here are some links for you to read, then you can add more to your introduction, ok?

    - A guide to getting started!
    - How to make a good first impression!
    - Some FAQs
    - What Adisc is about!
    And most importantly:
    - THE RULES!!!

    Also, you're in the same situation as I was about two years ago, except perhaps your whole 'call me mommy' thing which for some reason I never went through. Once you've posted a better introduction I'd be happy to talk with you about it

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    awww thank you so much hun! im so glad i know you too. n i look foward to getting to know you better. thank you for that! it really dose mean alot to me.

    thank you talula i will check all those out ! i will soon!

    hello all! a very nice person here pointed out to me that my intro wasnt complete. so im gonna try again. im hoping this will be better!

    lets see, i am 32 yrs old, i am acually the single mommy to an awsume 3yr old boy, who is my life. i love reading, writing, animals, watching the ocean, n music. i also like most anime.

    i am currently a stay at home mom as that my son is just starting head start n will only be there half a day. i am also caretaker for my mom, n oldest brother.

    im from ny was born n raised here.

    as i did say yesterday, i have recent just became aware of the abdl world. as that my boyfriend stirlock just told me that he was a abdl. i except him for who he is, but im intrested in learning more.

    being a mommy to an adult baby is very new territory to me.

    i guess thats all. if theres anything else you would like to know about me just ask.
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    Welcome to ADISC, jamiesmommy!

    There are a number of caregivers that are members of our ADISC community. I read your profile and your post. Your intro is a little brief. Take some time to get to understand and take in the culture of ADISC. Take Talula's advice and add to and edit your intro. I look forward to reading more later.

    I don't know if you posted this intro from a texting cell phone, but we do value the use of Conventions of Standard English: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word usage all go a long way in creating a favorable first impression.

    jamiesmommy - except = accept
    xxrunnerbabyxx - excepted = accepted

    Just saying "spell check" can be your friend but it won't catch improper/incorrect word usage.

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    thank you! i did read the links & just put up a new intro. i am sorry i have bad spelling, & for some reason i dont have spell check on my net book. i am sorry about that.

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