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Thread: What Are Realistic Weights and Sizes for Diapers?

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    Default What Are Realistic Weights and Sizes for Diapers?

    I always read on DL websites about size 6 diapers fitting older kids like 10 year olds but when I look at a size 6 or 7 I find it hard to believe. I mean I know they stretch but that doesn't mean they will be comfortable. So with a size 6 that is meant for kids over 35 lbs what is a realistic max weight where the kid is still comfy and it still fits properly? And has anybody ever known a real kid, not a DL, to wear a size 6 or 7?


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    The fact is, kids today are too fucking fat to fit in baby diapers. My guess is that ten year olds in size 6 diapers are nothing more than the stuff of AB fapping fantasy.

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    Parents would conceivably get off the baby line when their kid got that old and move to a more mid-age product for esteem issues if nothing else.

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    I was a small skinny kid, (still am as an adult,) I don't think I would have a problem fitting in "properly". Even as an adult now I can still fasten the tapes, all be it a little tight.

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    i'd say that around age 6 is the cut-off for baby diapers (including all but the original variants of drynites/goodnites - the pads are actually smaller than some baby diapers'). even children younger than 6 are issued child or youth size 'briefs' by hospitals.

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