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    Quote Originally Posted by ZapdosSmithh View Post
    If you tell a Fib then everybody is disappointed. There is no Justifiable for a lie.
    I recently got this comment on a post I made so I would like to know the community views on the subject. I agree that lying in allot of circumstances is wrong and should not be done. (Like the kids who come on the forum and say they are going to lie about bed wetting to get diapers bought for them)

    However how many people agree with me that lying is justifiable at certain times? (like if a known gay basher asks you if you are gay when you are or if you live at home with your parents and know if you admit to being a AB/DL they will kick you out)

    Please go easy on the grammar and punctuation I am trying

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    This may be a bit unpopular with people who are hardline against lying as a moral issue, but in my opinion, lying is a fact of life in the modern world. Thinking that telling the truth is always the right thing is being a bit too naive. Not that the sentiment behind that opinion is wrong in any way. In an ideal world, always telling the truth would indeed be the way it should be.

    However, as the op said, there are obvious times where you don't need to and shouldn't have to tell the truth, for either safety reasons, privacy reasons, or something else. As a very simplified example, would you tell a 3 year old who drew a picture of you as a gift and then asked if they did a good job, "No, you didn't. This doesn't look like me at all." Even if you aren't rude about it, that's sort of mean considering the age and developmental level of the little scamp, don't you think? Granted, this is a small child and not an adult, but someone who uses the word "always" sets themselves up for situations like this. There are exceptions to almost any rule and concrete words like "always" and "never" should be used very sparingly if at all. Saying one should never lie and always tell the truth is too restrictive and unrealistic. There needs to be wiggle room.

    Even in adult situations, lying is sometimes necessary. One needs to take things on a case by case basis and weigh their options. Lying should be avoided, but it shouldn't be thrown out as an option. Sometimes it is the lesser of 2 evils. Arbitrarily limiting your choices before you even know the situation is not wise.

    All of this being said, you shouldn't make lying a habit. It is simply a tool, tucked away with all of your other conversational tools. If you use it too much, it will break and end up hurting you or someone else in the process. If you don't use it at all, you are wasting something that might help you out.

    Moderation is key. This is true of anything in life. Most things are fine in moderation. It's when they are overused (or sometimes not used at all) where they become problematic and dangerous. This is why there are very few laws or rules I agree with that say it is never ok to do something or it is always required that you do something. Limiting options irregardless of the situation is not smart.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If telling a lie would save a life, I would tell a lie. Generally speaking, however, I find deception distasteful. From a ritual perspective, it's a bad idea to tell lies on a regular basis because it reduces the power of one's spoken word within the context of a magical working.

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    I've got mixed feelings on lying, while i generally don't think it's a good idea to lie, sometimes it just makes things so damn much easier to deal with, and then take potential consequences later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixyNyxi View Post
    There are exceptions to almost any rule and concrete words like "always" and "never" should be used very sparingly if at all.
    All I could think of when I read this was the magic school bus teacher and her awesome catch phrase "Never say never!"

    There was this one guy that did a social experiment using himself. I forgot his name, but the study was too interesting to forget. For a few months he practiced extreme truth telling, or always telling the truth no matter what's on your mind or when. He lost a lot of friends, made his family very angry with him, I'm pretty sure he lost his job, and he was constantly depressed. He showed that lying is not only a common part of our culture, but a necessary part. Without lying, you cannot function in todays society.

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    Aye, I'm in agreement with MixyNyxi here - of course lying is sometimes appropriate and justifiable! You wouldn't answer the question, "How do I look?", or, "Do you like my haircut?" with piercing, clinical honesty if you thought that your honest answer would be hurtful or offensive, would you? Tact requires a little dishonesty now and then.

    And have you never told someone,"It's going to be okay" without knowing absolutely that it was going to be? That's basically lying but sometimes you need to consider how what you say affects others and prioritise assuaging fears or comforting a friend.

    That's not to say that lying isn't very often a terrible thing and liable to make a situation worse and cause more trouble down the line, but I don't think a universal and unwavering code of 'never lie' is necessarily appropriate, or even achievable. You just have to use good judgement and only do it for the right reasons.

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    You have to take it in context.

    Lying in the real world can sometimes be justified.

    Lying on ADISC will never be justified, and will get you banned right away.

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    Sometimes its ok to tell a white lie.

    But it would be a good idea to tell the truth.

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    Thank you all for your veiws on lying MixyNyxi I wish I could explain myself as well as you also I agree with all your points and thanks again.

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    I take a virtue ethics approach to morality. Essentially this means that I see honesty as a virtue between too vices. One vice is lying too much, one is lying too little. A virtous person lies just the right amount.

    In general, telling lies is bad, but in some cases you need to lie.

    I don't think being truthful is a top priority, take this case for example:

    You are a gay virgin, and have had oral sex (using a condom) with another virgin man once in your life, and you are certain that you do not have HIV or any sexual desease. You cannot legally donate blood as a result of this. (True)
    Choice: is it better to lie to the authorities abd donate blood that will save lives, or is it better to be truthful and never donate?

    I'll put it this way: I donate blood!

    I do however believe that one could decide against giving blood, wishing to be truthful, and I would regard that as being equally virtous.

    I guess my point is that honesty is an important virtue, but I don't think that one has to be truthful all the time.

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