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    So for the past few months i have been noticing that a lot of my diapers just keep falling apart, tearing or breaking after only a few hours- sometimes mostly still dry!
    Like the Tranquility ATN's which i used to wear keep falling apart at the sides and the stuffing & gel would come out after a while. I make sure to diaper snugly but not too tight. I use some baby powder, baby lotion and sometimes baby oil. The tapes also seem to have a lot of trouble- but that i can somehow manage using duct tape. The big problem is the sides. Once the sides give way, i have to change immediately or the gel and crap start coming out.

    I'm using the abena abri form super and the x-plus. But some of the diapers also fall apart at the sides after a while. I wear them sometimes during the day but mostly at night and evenings. When they break apart while they are mostly dry, i feel its a wasted diaper

    Anyone else have similar experiences? How do you deal with this problem?

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    I've never had that problem, are you getting powder/lotion on your fingers? cause that would really mess up the tapes.

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    I has have the same problem. When i have this problem it is the baby lotion that causing the problem.

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    no- if i use any baby lotion, powder or oil, i make sure to wipe or wash my hands clean before i tape myself up. But the diapers just fall apart sometimes when they are only a little wet but still mostly dry. And the stuffing starts falling out the sides

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    Sounds like a bad batch of diapers. I have never had that problem with any of the diapers I have used.

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    I think you may have gotten a bad batch of diapers. I have never seen this problem. The only problem diapers I've had are one with a hole in the plastic, they leaked when wet because of the hole.

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    Ahhh, i've had this as well. The only time i've used baby oil the tabs and sides of the diaper became a lot weaker, maybe the oil is dissolving the adhesive holding it all together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyatto View Post
    maybe the oil is dissolving the adhesive holding it all together
    I'd bet it's more just the oil getting on the tapes, OR on the panel where you're fixing the tapes. It's easy to transfer around... get oil on your hands, not wash it off real good, then handle the diaper before or while putting it on, and now there's a little bit of oil on the front panel you didn't even realize was there.

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    Yea it could be that. I don't really wash oil off me, just wipe it on a shirt or a towel, so i must of still had a little on me

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