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    Hi everyone. I just got money, and have a question about an ABDL pay site. There is an option where you can send twenty five dollars and access the website for thirty days. The only problem is, I'm not over eighteen. You do not need a credit card for this, but you do need to signature your name. If I send the money and signature the paperwork, is there a possibility that my money will be stolen or will they send it back? The more important question, can the police get involved if they figure out I lied about my age? Thank you in advance.
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    Anytime you send money, even a check, money order or even using your credit card, there is the potential to get ripped off. No, the police won't get involved with you if they discover that you lied. That having been said, this is the first time I've ever heard of this site, so I'd be very careful about exposing my personal and financial information to them. And I'd never send cash through the mail.

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    Sounds like porn...

    Why pay for porn anymore? There's endless amounts of free stuff on the internet.

    Also, I don't think you really exist. I have my reasons.

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    I see a number of issues here.

    Starting off, the website you mention, which I won't repeat as we aren't supposed to be mentioning adult websites, is a pornographic website. It has a statement at the bottom stating all models are 18 years old and information on how to access this information, meaning that the producers of the material consider it porn. Now add in to the fact that you're a minor. First off, providing a minor with access to pornographic materials is a felony in most cases, and it'll be a federal offense if you don't live in the same state as wherever you're sending the money to. So don't be shocked if they do something to check on your age and don't just take your word. Liquor stores card people who don't look 21. Do you think that a pornographic website will be able to judge if you're 18, which you're not, based on your handwriting?

    Next, how are you planning to send money? Cash? I assume you're not going to send a check, because your parents will see it on your checking account (if you have one), and you're too young to get a money order or other similar device. Internet pornography peddlers don't really strike me as the world's most reputable businessmen. If you're sending them cash, consider it gone. Expect to hear "we're sorry, it never got here." In any case, they'll probably say they don't accept cash for this very reason, and "never receive" any cash sent to them.

    Moving on, you ask if the police can get involved if you lie about your age. While I'm not sure how you mean this (either getting after your for lying, or after the website for taking your money), but in any case, the answer is yes. If the police learn that someone provided you, a minor, with porn, they'll be investigate and in all likelihood hit with some bigass fines. As for you, most pornographic websites when you click the "I'm 18!" button have a disclaimer saying that accessing their material under the false premise of sufficient age equals perjury. While I think there are a number of problems with using that to make a perjury case and a decent lawyer would get the case thrown out, do you really want it to get to that point? That said, there is one thing the police won't give a shit about- any claim you make that you sent cash and it was stolen. Unless you manage to document what's being sent to the place and that it was received, there's no way to prove they took your money. This is why it's smart to use checks in such cases. If the website says "we never got it," you can say, "funny, the check for $25 I made out to Hot Girls in Diapers Studios was cashed yesterday."

    Bottom line, don't sign up for any 18+ memberships if you aren't 18 yet. Aside from it being illegal to do so, you don't want to get hit with any of the other crap that might result. Do well in school, get a good job or into a good college when you graduate, and then buy all the damn porn you want.

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    Every AB/DL video I seen from such places use women that are not AB/DL at all and tend to be fictional.

    However all the ones that do feature real AB's and/or DL's come from free blog sites, though some do charge like pampered penny I think. Of course I don't ever see myself paying for anything like that, considering there are some rather good ab/dl stories.
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    Closing this since it involved reference to an adult site and a minor lying about age to access pornography for money. I'm leaving the thread visible because I think aside from a few corrections needed, the general advice was good. To the OP: this is nothing you want to get involved with.

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    Pay sites are for adults only (18+), so why is this thread in the Teenbaby section?


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