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Thread: Wooo not going to be around for a while.... Hurricanes gonna hit where I live

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    Default Wooo not going to be around for a while.... Hurricanes gonna hit where I live

    Hurricane Earl Projected Path -

    This is pretty close..... to where I live, (Puerto Rico) so hurricane might it we aren't exactly sure..... It can change any time now..... and I'm hoping it does. But I might not be around for a while if it does it. why am I posting this? Just cuz.....

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    Haven't kept up on the latest hurricane postings, but hope you and your family are safe and don't/didn't get hit too hard by it. It's supposed to up our way in the mid-Atlantic area by the weekend. Hope we don't get hit hard either! Ditto for anyone else on the east coast in Earl's potential path.


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    batten down the hatches! (also have fun with the 2 other storms right behind it)

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    Hey no need to justify the post. We will be praying for you and your family during this time.

    Be safe and keep us updated as things progress as much as you can during this time..

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