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Thread: Feeling the urge to wet/mess when near diapers

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    Default Feeling the urge to wet/mess when near diapers

    I wear diapers a lot and very often and have been for a very long time. When I am not wearing diapers certain things feel odd. Whenever I am about to put on one of my diapers I feel this strong urge to have to use the bathroom. Even if I just touch a diaper I feel the need to use the bathroom ><. When I am in my diaper i feel that everything is normal. I use diapers more than I use the toilet so I am more used to going in diapers, but I'm not sure if that explain the urge or not. Its odd, but I cant help it so of course i use the diaper instead of the toilet. This only seems to happen with diapers too. Never have I felt the need to use the bathroom when I am near the toilet and not wearing a diaper. I prefer using a diaper anyhow though. Does anyone else feel the same way when they are near diapers? please respond.

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    I think it has something sexual to do with it like instead of a boner you get the need to go im getting it right now cuz im diapered, or you've untrained yourself by going too much IDK just theories. P.S. Im exactly the same way

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    I don't feel this way, in fact, it is very hard for me to even go in a diaper. I don't know why but my body just doesn't want me to I guess lol. So I usually use the toilet regardless if I current have one on or not.

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    I'll vouch for the newbie. This actually does happen to me, or atleast in a way. Back 2 years ago when I was wearing basically everyday in the summer and was literally using diapers more than the toilet, this happened to me exactly like that. Now its sort of a flip-flopped reaction. Anytime I feel the need to either pee or poop I get a strong urge to put on a diaper and go in a diaper and not the toilet.

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    never actually have worn a diaper, but i cant seem to go in the makeshift ones i sometimes use. I want to though.

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    I understand and can explain why this happens. If I think about water (or any othe normal person for that matter) then it would give the strong urge to pee. In this case you have gotten so used to using the diaper that just seeing one is telling your mind that you need to pee or poop. In theory if you see a diaper In your sleep you will wet the bed. It is the same concept as the warm water trick

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    Even though I don't wear that much, I've got this feeling too, at least for wetting.

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    I do sometimes bedwet, but I think it is cause of me dreaming of diapers or water or something like that...well that and I drink a bottle during bedtime.

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    If I even think about diapers I sometimes feel an urge to go, and if I pass by them in the sotre I usually gotta pee right after. I agree with Crazyboy135, I'm just so used to going in diapers then when I think about them it just spikes up the urge a bit.

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    hehe!!^^ im glad other people feel the same way^^

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