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    What is the best non-plastic backed diaper that is available in stores? I know that the goodnites are good, but im looking for a non pullup diaper. My options are walmart, target, walgreens, cvs, rite-aid, and k mart and I think thats about it. Thanks for the input!

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    The Walgreens Certainty are in both Plastic and cloth backed forms, depending on what they have in stock.

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    Non Plastic Backed diaper are new way the diaper market going becuase they belive it healther for the skinand got thin look to them.

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    Walmart brand (assurance I think), and Walgreens brand (certinty) are cloth backed, and fairly cheap. I think they are about $9 for a pack of 20 (medium).

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    I bought the Walgreens Certainty Briefs, they cost 12 dollars plus tax for me. They always seem to leak on the sides though (where the tapes go), which is very annoying. Other than that great buy, they are very comfy.

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    CVS adult briefs are surprisingly good now that they've gone to cloth-backed. They're the most like a baby diaper I've felt in years.

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    Er, rather, they're the diaper that has made me feel most babyish while wearing, that is.

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