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Thread: The Simpsons then and now... Who else thinks the show should DIE

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    Default The Simpsons then and now... Who else thinks the show should DIE

    My fellow ADISCers, I have been wondering about this for sometimes. This has been a huge debate at work, amongst my friends and family for a while. Who else thinks The Simpsons has been dragged on unnecessarily for some time?

    I myself am a fan, don't get me wrong. I still love the show but some of the recent episodes are more atrocities and nothing that entertains me. I remember watching the pilot episode on Dec. 17, 1989 at my folk's house and I still remember my dad cussing the show because he didn't like it. But now, 21 years later- shit, the show's legally able to drink now. LOL Sorry, bad joke after a long day.

    After one episode in particular, one entitled 'That 90's Show', I have felt that the show needs to die an honorable death rather than be dragged out each Sunday on Fox. The humor is not the same, the episodes are not edgy. Family Guy has the show beat. The Simpsons, needs to die. I think they should just go and make movies every 3-4 years rather than keep the show alive.

    My best friend and I got into an argument over the show- not one to damage the friendship mind you- but he thinks I want the show to die for other shows to come back. That's not the case. Me, I want the show to die because I think they are dragging it out and making dumb stupid episodes that are not as fun as the first 10 seasons were. I have the first 7 seasons on DVD, and plan on as soon as I am able to, getting the other 3 I need to complete the first 10.

    My best friend wants the show to stay on so that TV records will fall and fall because of the same people playing characters. He only cares about that, seeing history. Me, I want the show to die honorably. Let it have a proper two-hour finale' and maybe go on to the occasional Simpsons movie. The first one was awesome.... far better than the tripe on TV.

    So, who is like me, thinks the show needs to die rather than keep being dragged out, recycling plots, and so forth.


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    Sadly I must agree, the show has gone on for too long and needs to be ended for good.

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    Noooo, don't let it die! Actually in all reality it's probably for the best if it dies; it's been on for over 20 years now. I actually remember as a kid my parent's not allowing me to watch it because it was too "edgy" or something for a 6 year old. Funny thing is I liked it then and now here I am in my late 20's and still watch it as often as I can. True, they are clearly running out of ideas and have for a long time. Either way, the reruns will be on for many years to come.

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    Make no mistake, when the show becomes unprofitable, it will go. If you want it gone, the best method is not to watch it. I guess I like to hope that at some point they might wake up and realize they've been spewing out substandard material and somehow improve. Someone else would have to see it and tell me, though.

    Somewhat related question: is a show with twenty-two seasons of which only the first seven were really good, a good show that went bad or a show that is really just bad with a (relatively) short spurt of brilliance?

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    I like the Simpson's and I think it's time to end the show.
    when shows drag on they tend to rehash old plot lines and be less entertaining then they were originaly.

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    If simpsons gets 'killed' then Family Guy should also go with it because family guy is even worse than the simpsions

    I mean, they fucking pushed King of the Hill (one of the best cartoons ever) into cancellation with that awful goddamn "Cleveland Show" which also sucks a donkeys codpiece and all

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    well, definitely NO

    the simpsons is Fine.

    even if it goes on for 21 seasons, and the jokes arent as funny as they used to be (it varies per episode)

    theres still more awfull trash and retardedness on tv, which should REALLY be canned, and preferably this season -.-

    one of them is ofcurse family guy, which par definition gets the status of being not funny at all, and being like a bad parody on the Simpsons

    other things that could be canned would be several of those dumb live shows and tv series with the standard repetitive laughing tape stuck under it, to make it look like its funny, even if every laughter sounds almost(if not) exactly the same

    oh and yes, the cleveland show may also die an ungratefull dead what me accounts, as well, i kinda felt like i wasted my bandwidth on it, seeing its just the same retarded old shit, but the separated to claim more emptybroadcasting space, which could otherwise be filled up with REAL fun things

    also : maybe if they'd can those 2 shows, there would be more writers available to make the Simpsons a li'l tad more awesome again, so we can all laugh at it again :3

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