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Thread: Who here likes to dance?

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    Default Who here likes to dance?

    I have loved to dance even as a child. But my dance moves would end up with just musle spasum. So I join show chior so I could learn a few good moves. But what about you guys? how many of us like to dance? Or like dancing, but can't dance? Or just don't feel the flow of music whatso ever?

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    Dancing is Freedom... Movement is Truth.
    There is always the Flow; constant fluxuation.
    Then there are the beautiful Harmonies that manifest themselves in a poetic frenzy...

    My style is my own, and I truly am in my element when I am dancing. =) Movement facinates me; at times, I move to the music that I can hear in my head... it's very freeing. ^.^

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    Does Dance Dance Revolution count? :P

    I like to dance, but I just don't got moves.

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    if anyone knows what hardcore dancing, that's what I love doing...pretty much flailing my arms and 2-steppin and random kicks here and there... yea, it's super fun

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    What, shuffling?

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    [QUOTE=BernardFx;447672]Does Dance Dance Revolution count? :P

    I like to dance, but I just don't got moves.[/QUOT

    I think it could count. I love that game enough to consider it that. But the arcade I went to sold it. I miss it so much.

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    I can slow dance and swing dance and hardcore dance...sort of. But anything else I'm pretty terrible at.

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    One of the many things that attracted me to Don Davis is his dancing skills. All of my grand parents and my parents loved dancing as their prime entertainment. Some of my siblings are better dancers than are others. As a teenager I was considered the sister least likely to be asked to dance. So my last 2 years of high school I took the modern dance elective for mandatory PE. At university most of my exercise was various forms of dance. I love dancing and am not terrible.

    Fortunately nearly all of our close in-person local friends also go dancing. An upside to living near Hollywood is the number of places where we can dance.

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    you need more options. I don't dance sober (unless I have to). It's tough for me to get in the mood, but once I do I like to dance and I'm good at it.

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