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    So I registered with ADISC a while back but never posted an intro. I've been much more active on the DailyDiapers forums, but I thought that I might branch out a little. You might already recognize my CDB or "Cute_Diaper_Boy" username from there or other places on the web, including my blog. Here's the "about me" I use on my blog and at DailyDiapers:

    Hey everyone! I'm here in Brooklyn, New York, studying film at SVA. I have a big comic book collection. I'm a vegetarian. I've watched more than my share of anime. As far a movies go, I'm big on foreign films, especially French, German, and Japanese movies. Also, I wet my pants.

    Not as much as I used to though! I've dealt with incontinence to varying degrees my whole life, but these days it's down to a few rare accidents. Even though I wet myself at least once every week or two until middle school, I never wore diapers. (Though I really should have, and always wanted to!)

    Once my wetting accidents started to slow down, I started to realize I'd developed a fetish for them. Now that I'm living alone, I can wet my pants and wear diapers as much as I want. I feel like I'm pretty well adjusted about my fetish, and I'm out to my girlfriend and one other close friend. I'm also polysexual and sometimes I like to wear girl's clothes. My friends and family know I'm into guys, but I'll be keeping diapers between me and my girlfriend.

    Anyhow, that's my intro. Nice to meet all of you.

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    Welcome to the gang, pleasure to meet you.

    It's good to meet another world cinema fan, most of the people I know get put off by a film they have to read...
    What would you say your favourite foreign film is? Personally, I'd have to say mine is Pan's Labyrinth, I think it's just such a beautiful and tragic story, and the way it ends, you don't know whether you should be happy or sad... but either way it always has a tear in my eye.

    Anyhoo, I'll leave my soppiness at that for now.
    Look forward to seeing you around the boards.

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    Hey um, please don't use a crotch shot avatar. Do you realize how boring those are? This isn't RUPadded - please use something more creative (and more pleasant to look at)!

    That said, welcome to ADISC. Nice, well written intro. Please realize, however, that we're not a dating site, and showing off your package isn't a good first impression to make. Rather, ADISC is a support community, where people come to talk about diapers and other stuff equally.


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