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Thread: Stolen Valor Act & Providers Choice

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    Default Stolen Valor Act & Providers Choice

    At the request of tbcris I am moving this issue to a more private thread; however, I still think it should be a huge concern to people how a business markets their products and services to the public.

    Quote Originally Posted by Check Out a Business or Charity - U.S. BBB
    Search Results
    There are no results for Web Site URL ''

    Source: Link
    Maybe it is not illegal to tell people that you are accredited or hold credentials that you really do not have in order to make yourself look better and make money.

    This reminders of the appeals court ruling that makes it legal to tell people you have a Purple Heart and yet never served a day in the military.

    So the question - Is it right for businesses (or even people) to tell others that they are accredited or hold a rank/medal and yet never subscribe to an organizations bylaws or served time in the military let alone obtaining a ranking regardless of how that organization requires one to do so?

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    Wow - this is soooooo not even in the same ballpark!!! I think it might help if some of the previous posts were shown. There is totally no way I would ever disagree with that example of the Purple Heart but there is a huge difference between that and what we have been talking about.

    Just for reference but there's a lot more before this part
    Kid - No offense and this is just about their usage of the BBB Accreditation Logo to sell products - it is misleading advertising. // However, just because the AMA has a profile on someone does not give an organization to say that they are endorsed by the organization without being a member and subscribing to their bylaws. Or using a WebMD logo to sell services just because a profile exist. It is like me saying I am 'Accredited by Google' just because I am in a search result and never pay for advertising. Even then I would not be accredited.

    For any organization that would present credentials without actually having them in order to sell products is wrong and should not be supported. This is no different with their use of BBB Accreditation Logo regardless of how we both feel about the organization.

    Further operating without a business license is another concern. Are we going to support an organization that refuses to pay taxes while the rest of us write that check to the government every week from our paycheck?

    Chris - WebMD- I looked all over but can't find where certain people or businesses had profiles - much less with rateings that could be used to increase or decrease business.
    AMA - where is the public link to see profiles? Also in any list don't they have to pay before being listed?
    accredited - " to recognize or vouch for as conforming with a standard" - the BBB does this by giving them a score for public right?
    "Further operating without a business license is another concern"- you said this before but where did you find this out from?
    can we keep the rest of this in private so we don't keep derailing the thread?

    Anyway there are just to many of them to list here and I don't want to derail the thread with it - but basically is there some way the company is really guilty of fraud or misleading people? If there are no instance of this then isn't what you are saying actually slander or libel or something by saying they are guilty of something when there is no proof they are? When you said "Further not have a business license is another issue of concern." that is a accusation then saying you are going to check " I am going to call on Monday to the California MDR and I doubt they will even have a license to sell in the State of California." Where did you find they don't have a license?

    Call the City of Pasadena (address of business) they will ask for you for the address and they will conform that no license exists for their address.

    I am calling the California MDR this afternoon and cannot almost be assured they do not have a license to sell medial equipment in California, either.

    This does not derail this tread as it relates directly to their misleading advertising and marketing practices.

    My whole question is if there is a place that recognises you as a company - gives you a score - shows complaint history - is available to the open public - can affect you either good or bad ... then that by definition is 'accredited'. So why then can't you put that you are recognised by that place since they have all this about your company without you authorizing it -

    but if you want to tell people that there is a listing on you that scores you and talks about your business then you have to pay them to say the info already exists? Then when you pay them - what changes? Nothing. except your business actually gets a 1/2 point increase on the score... now what does that have to do with the actual 'score' of a business? You pay them $ so all of a sudden you are a better business?

    If the BBB don't have a page on you - no score - nothing.. and you use their logo then I would agree with you 100% on that. But I just don't see any relation to what I'm asking and the examples you are giving.

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    Is anyone else monumentally confused about what's going on here? Did I miss a stealth edit?

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    this all goes back to this thread -

    Kid - is saying the company is misleading and deceptive because he can't find certain things and doesn't like that they use the BBB logo - even tho the BBB has a rating for them.

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    Is there a real difference?

    The military has its protocols in order to get a medal.

    BBB has its procedures to obtain accreditation.

    Providers Choice has elected NOT to follow those procedures; however, they elect to tell the consumer that they have been accredited by the BBB. We can disagree on the practices of the BBB; however, if you want to tell people you are accredited or hold a military rank then you should actually have such in your hands - according to their procedures to obtain such item. Just because a business has a phone book listing does not given them the right to advertise that the company has given them an accreditation even it if just cost $2,000. Same with me paying taxes and thus giving me the first amendment right to tell people I have a Purple Heart.

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    Kid - there is no BBB listing for that domain because it's not the company name. It's just a parked URL. If you search for the company name then you'll find the BBB page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbchris View Post
    Kid - there is no BBB listing for that domain because it's not the company name. It's just a parked URL. If you search for the company name then you'll find the BBB page.
    It is by far a 'parked' domain. Providers Choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid View Post
    It is by far a 'parked' domain. Providers Choice.
    Um.. that's a parked domain set to redirect to a different domain. It points to, and at the bottom it says the company name is "ImproveLife Inc". The BBB search you linked to in fact turns up that same company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgi39jsjw0ggg View Post
    Is anyone else monumentally confused about what's going on here? Did I miss a stealth edit?
    I'm lost too.

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    hehehehe, ok... this is a little off topic but a parked domain is a domain name that is just another URL that points to another one.
    If you have a web hosting that uses like cPanel for the control panel then go down to "Domains". you'll see the www=www icon. click that that you will read: Parked Domains
    Parked Domains (Domain pointers) allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to also reach your website when entering the "parked" or "pointed" domain into their browsers."

    If you mouse over any of the links on that page - you will see the other URL. This is web marketing and there is nothing wrong with it. Its for search engine rankings because the domain has keywords in it for people searching for 'diapers' than 'improvelife' that is the business name. It's just one part of SEO. So yes... it's just a parked domain. There are other meaning for the word to just like cookies can be found on your computer or in the kitchen

    ---------- Post added at 02:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:14 PM ----------

    also you was talking about the business address... an LLC won't show up at that address for a local search. you have to look up the LLC information. it's not the same as like a DBA search.[COLOR="Silver"]

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