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  • yes, she won't be creeped out

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  • yes, but wait until you are sure the relationship will last

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  • no, if you never tell her she'll never know and maybe you can stop being a DL

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Thread: What do you think my gf will think of me?

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    Default What do you think my gf will think of me?

    So i've been dating this girl for almost a year and I finally told her about my bedwetting problem and that i wear diapers to keep it hidden from my parents. (My bedwetting isn't that bad it only happens once or twice a month. By the way my parents dont know about the diapers either). She says that she doesn't care that i have to wear diapers for my problem and now im wondering if I should tell her about the fact that im a DL. Since she seemed to be okay with that I just think I have a good chance but I know I would like some input first.

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    You don't know whether she will be creeped out or not. But you've been going out with her for a year, I think its time to lay the cards on the table. If it gets more serious its going to be harder to tell. Best to be upfront now, then suffer even more heartache if it all goes pear shape when you tell in the future.

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    Telk her that youve grown to like wearing diapers. Shell be fine with it.

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    Oops, I should have read your post entirely before i voted. I just read the title and the top sentence and voted. NO! Do NOT tell her you're a DL. Wait and see how things go with the bedwetting. You dropped one bombshell already let her take this in and soak it up and wait. Wait for awhile, then tell her. If you overload her she will most likely run away. Just my opinion i hope it helps.

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    Well... I suggest that you since you have been dateing for about a year, she will probably be ok with it. Since she knows about your bedwetting, you tell her that you've grown fond of diapers and you've grown fond of them. If she is nice and understanding, she probably won't mind and if your lucky, think its cute :P and if you're an extremely lucky, she'll change you XD

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    Keeping diapers a secret is a lot more likely to ruin a relationship than being honest. Anyone who actually cares for you will do their best to understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    Telk her that youve grown to like wearing diapers. Shell be fine with it.
    seeing her reaction to this will let you decide easier if you want to go into more detail- but, good luck finding how to fit this into a conversation

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    I think it depends on your age. I looked at your profile and I didn't find it, not that it's any of my business. My point is this, that if you are older, say 19 or older, then you both are mature enough to have a relationship that is meaningful and could result in one that is permanent. In that case, it is something that you will need to discuss with her unless you are determined to never indulge. If on the other hand, you are younger, relationships have a way of not lasting. In that case I most definitely would not divulge, not only because the relationship could end, but those who are less mature are more likely to tell others.

    I know my age criteria is a generalization. I had two friends that dated since junior high and stayed true to one another all through high school. They got married while in college and deeply loved each other. The sad ending to this story was that my friend developed melanoma cancer shortly after they got married, and in a few short months, he was dead. He did leave her with a son, and so life continued.

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