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Thread: Pocket Diaper

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    Default Pocket Diaper

    I came across a pic of some cloth diapers a while back. One of them was essentially a cover with a pocket in the front basically to stuff a soaker or maybe even a few soakers in. My question is does anyone have experience with these and also does anyone know of what they cost???

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    I think there was a thread like this once?

    or was it some crazy idea about diapers with pockets for holding things (like keys, money, things you keep in your pocket)

    Personaly, no idea.

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    X3 i would put all the soakers on the inside and use the pocket to keep random snacks and things X3

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    Oh ya lol, I remember seeing a few pictures of daipers with pockets in the front :P

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    These are like a cover with a kangaroo pouch for soakers. I have searched hi and lo and can oh find toddler sizes.I'm sure someone on here has used one before right?

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    Adult Pocket Diapers Snap-EZ 4 Life

    here's a link to a site that makes them for adults, but don't bother to order one if you're planning to actually use it. they basically don't contain moisture at all. they look pretty cute though. ^.^

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    This is the one I was referring to. Took lots of searching to track down the pics and this is the link it is attached to!!!
    They look awesome but idk how they worker how good they are...

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    they dont have my size in stock :[ and judging on how it goes up $2 every size mine is gonna be a little pricey :[

    but they definatly have some cool color combo's and what not, ill more than likely pick one up.

    edit, ahh, i was lookinig at the wrong diaper for stock issues lol. looks like i'll be ordering one :]

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    I have a medium Snap-Ez pocket diaper. Let me start by saying I'm usually in between a small and medium when it comes to diapers and plastic pants. I wear cloth and waterproof pants usually at night. Anyway, I waited a long time to pull the trigger on buying one of these and finally did about 6 months ago. The diaper has stayed folded up in my dresser ever since.

    I agree with Avery. While these look great on their website, mine did not fit very well and it's just not very absorbent even with several layers added to the diaper. Actually, "not fit very well" is an understatement. Mine was waaaaaaaay too tight on my waist (I have 31 inch waist) and waaaaaaaaaay too loose on my legs (I have a 20.5 inch thigh measurement). In short, I didn't like them. Be wary and, if you feel brave, only buy one.

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    I found these a while ago KCK ONE Diapers, Adult Diapers, Pocket Diapers, Reusable Adult Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers I have a few (ordered from her) and they are comfortable, I don't know if she is AB aware so I just did it as I was incontinent, and ordered only white ones.

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