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Thread: Wearing in Public?

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    Default Wearing in Public?

    I recently got really into diapers over the summer. I really want to wear them under my clothes and change in public places but Im scared people will know by the bulge and crinkle.... Any tips?

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    For the most part, people aren't checking you out that closely and those that are aren't looking for signs of diapers. If you wear clothing that is appropriate to the level of bulk you're sporting, you're not going to have a problem. Maybe start with Depends Fitted Maximum Protection or some similar fairly thin diaper or if you don't mind them, something with a cloth-like cover for less noise until you're more comfortable with it. If you're going to change in public restrooms make sure you've got what you need so that you don't have to leave anything unpleasant for anyone to find later. Just don't make a spectacle of yourself and you can have your fun and everything will be fine.

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    I agree, I like the Certainty brand for discreet public diapers. Hehe I had one on the other day when I went to bring my girlfriend lunch, she pinched my butt just a little and never realized I had one on till I told her later. I did it to show her its really easy and people really dont notice unless you go out in a SOAKED bambino or something really bulky like that. All she said she noticed was that my butt looked a lil more round
    happy adventuring

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    I have been fine with bambinos even with looser fitting jeans. I find the if the diaper is snug there is less noise. Another suggestion I have seen people make to reduce the noise is to wear tight underwear over the diaper. With regards to changing in public, can't help as I have never done and not plans to do so. Good Luck, the first time is always the hardest.

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    The crinkle is too quiet for anyone but you to hear in a normal public place. To hide the bulge wear some underwear over them and don't wear tight fitting pants. People don't go around staring at strangers butts so it is not a big deal unless you are wearing a huge overnight diaper with stuffers or boosters. Just remember to wear a belt and a shirt long enough that you won't expose your waist band.

    The changing part is a little more complicated. Unless you want to take off you pants you need to wear a diaper with tapes, not a pull up. Along with your spare diapers and wipes you diaper bag should include some plastic grocery bags for putting wet diapers in. That way you don't have to walk out of the stall with a wet adult diaper in your hands. When you pick a washroom to change in try to find a out of the way one, in a mall you would choose one that is far away from the food court. Go into a stall and hang your bag on the hook. then you just drop your pants and do a standing up change. Place you wet diaper in the plastic bag pull up your pants and flush. If you want you can slip the wet diaper in you bag or just walk out and drop it in the garbage.

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    I wear 24/7 and have never had anyone notice that I was wearing diapers (if they did, they didn't say anything). I carry my spare diapers in a bible case, so no one thinks about what I am carrying (they just think it's my bible). I change in the bathrooms all the time and don't worry about it at all. Once you do it a couple of times, it just gets easier and you don't worry about it.

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    I wear in public all the time and nobody has noticed. I should day nobody has made a comment on my diaper. Changing a wet one is easy I can do it in my car at a stop light. A messy one is a bit more of a challenge. My best place is a handicap potapotty in a low use park. Plenty of room and if anyone questions you it is a handicap bathroom.

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    Going out in public is easy, nobody has noticed me wearing, even friends. Just be careful bending over. Leaks are a dead give away also. But changing in public gets tricky. I've mostly changed in my car.

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    Laconically speaking, no one notices.

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    wearing in public is fun ! i've walked down the streets of new york city wearing a diaper. jeans help conceal the diaper the best. the trick is to wear jeans that are not too baggy but not too tight .. too tight its a dead giveaway and too baggy and the diaper won't be supported. pull your underwear up over the diaper so the top doesn't stick out. also wear a long shirt so that the bulge is covered up a bit. i wet when i was stopped at a crosswalk, and then stopped into a coffee shop with a private bathroom to change into a new one so i didnt leak

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