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Thread: Keep having accidents

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    Unhappy Keep having accidents

    Quite recently i started wearing diapers everyday (but not all day) as I am a TB and several times I have found myself wetting my diapers without realizing and in one case accidentaly going no. 2. Can any one explain this please.

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    Based on the information provided, I'd guess you've somehow unfortunately become the main character in a not very good piece of ABDL fiction. Seriously, though, if you're going from a condition where you have no trouble with incontinence to what you have described, it's time to get a doctor involved. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that it's not some strange diaper-based radiation. We're not doctors nor would we offer a professional diagnosis if we were. See someone who knows your health background and can ask the right kinds of questions in detail. I hope it's nothing serious.

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    Yes, as Trevor stated, it seems far too similar to countless "fantasy" stories that TBs, ABs, DLs, etc will post to live out their desire to be IC.

    If this truly does come as a shock, you should do as Trevor said: a doctor's involvement is heavily recommended, as involuntary loss of bladder control does not happen frequently and suddenly and could mean something far worse than just getting/having to use diapers for the rest of your life... i.e. kidney failure (which = death if unchecked)

    As for wearing diapers before this incident, as you are a TB, it is perhaps a mental link you have made between wearing your diapers and going in them, assuming you used to use the diapers for their intended purpose prior to these "accidents". Once the mind has already associated the act of 'going' in your diapers, but only when in diapers - then it is not incontinence but a trained mindset, as when you take off the diaper you are presumably able to 'hold' it.

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