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Thread: Sexual Attraction to Diapers?

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    Thumbs up Sexual Attraction to Diapers?

    Do you like diapers and being babied because you really want to be baby again, or do you find it sexual, and you like it so that's why? I personally like the baby treatment...haven't figured out if I found it sexual, and I enjoyed that part of it.

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    To begin with it probably was but I'd consider myself AB now and um, its not really sexual at all.

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    Eh, I would consider it both sexual and non sexual, like if a guy was babying me (i'm not picky, nor am i gay) it wouldn't be sexual it would be more of him just treating me like a baby. If it was like megan might be a little sexual, BUT who knows i haven't had a sexual experience yet with them..

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    Hmm, it's defiantly sexual for me, but I also have moments of regression or just enjoyment with them. It's also just nice to play with the carefree idea of being baby's and toddlers, I also like cuddling so to have an extra excuse to cuddle a cute AB is even better :P If you figure out why we all like them so much, let me know.

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    Both. More or less.

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    I agree to both! Some people like live role play (dress into a medieval character) well we like to wear diapers and dress and act as babies again. Wearing diapers is an interest, I don't need to imagine a girl wearing a diaper to fall in love with her, but on the other hand, I would enjoy the duo. For the moment I have my sexual life and my diaper life apart and never told my girlfriend about diapers. If it happens one day that I introduce my girlfriend to diapers then I would call it sexual (fetish).

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    Even though it's in the AB forum, I'll answer it.

    Up until puberty, it was being a CB. Right after though, the sex part came in a bit, but it's still more comfort than anything.

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    In my teens it was almost purely a sexual thing, and it was diapers only. I had very little sexual attraction to other people, actually that's still the case.

    Now I am in my mid 20s and I am discovering a bit more of my AB side, which is not sexual at all. I like like pacifiers, footed pjs with cute designs, and sleeping with stuffed animals (and possibly other things I've yet to discover). These things serve to make me feel "Little" and it's just a good feeling that reduces my anxiety and stress levels.

    So now it's kind of a mix, 5050 I'de say.

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    Well for me it is slightly a sexual thing, but more so a stress reliever. It's more fun then sexual thing :P

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