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Thread: Here...again. Oops :'(

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    Smile Here...again. Oops :'(

    I've already introduced myself once here a few days ago, but that email has been lost.

    So, here is a bit about me.

    I'm a prosthetic student who loves cartoons (preferably steampunk anime, and preschool), riding trains, collecting teddy bears, and drinking out of juice boxes. I'm sure there is much more about me, but it's best to answer questions than try to think up some of my own. ...I tend to get a bit distracted when trying to think of any myself

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    Welcome to the site! What kind of music are you into? What do you do/want to do for a living?

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    Well, actually I want to go into a field in Medical Rehabilitation specializing in Prosthetic Development.

    And my favorite bands would have to be...Fuse, Emilie Autumn, Placebo, Death Cab For Cutie, and Matthew Good Band.

    What do you plan on doing for a living, and what is your favorite music? If you do not mind me asking anyway.

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