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Thread: tranquility brochure sample

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    Question tranquility brochure sample

    A couple months ago when I ordered a free Tranquility sample from a special needs site, the sample (which ended up being too small) came with a brochure that would let you order another free sample, with boxes to fill in for 2 more Tranquility diaper samples. I filled in a ATN and a pull-up. Only problem is how am I supposed to send it? In an envelope or just the brochure? and do i get 1 ATN and 1 pull-up or 2 ATN's and 2 pull-ups? Sorry if this is a dumb question but i've never done this before.

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    they want it in an envelope. There should be information on where to address the envelope somewhere on the brochure. Don't forget the stamp.

    The only exception to this is the brochures that can be folded up and have adhesive on them and are pre-postmarked.

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    OK I kind of have a dilemma so I have the brochure filled in with my fake first/last name in pen, before thinking, won't it be weird if I send it with the envelope has to say my real name?

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    actually the envelope doesn't have to say who it's from if it's in the brochure inside already right?

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    Why would the envelope have who it's from on it?

    Normally when I send a letter or a card I just write who it's to...

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    sorry but i'm not used to sending mail at all, only e-mails

    So basically just the stamp in the upper right and Tranquility's address in the center correct

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey94 View Post
    sorry but i'm not used to sending mail at all, only e-mails

    So basically just the stamp in the upper right and Tranquility's address in the center correct
    That is one the more discrete way of doing it. So, yes.
    Generally, the return address is used in case something in the receiving address is incorrect, or there is insuffencent postage.

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    so i finally found some stamps, but some Simpsons stamps were all I found, so it looks odd with Marge simpson in the upper right of the envelope :P

    in the brochure form I left my phone number blank (dont know if its required or not) and before I send, how do they send the sample back? Mail or UPS?

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    wait, the postal service released Simpsons stamps? I understand having historical figures on a stamp, but Marge Simpson, really?

    Anyway, you are requesting diapers, not applying for a job, so they are not going to care what the stamp looks like

    Like was said, address you are sending to in the middle, Marge stamp on the upper right corner, thats all you need.
    And I am 99% sure they will send the samples to you in the mail

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    Update: OK so about maybe 2 weeks ago I got it in the mail. Well I actually like the nighttime pull-ups, but apparently the Medium ATN is WAY too big on me, so with this new sample they sent ANOTHER brochure where you can order 2 more samples. I filled in a Small Slimline and Small ATN this time with the same info I used on the other sample i mailed in. The question is will they send me another one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey94 View Post
    The question is will they send me another one?
    You can only try. Most places that have free samples (as in, free, not cheap) keep a list of who's ordered samples (usually by address) and won't send another sample till you fall off the list a month or three later, to keep you from abusing the free sample system for regular supplies.

    You may need to supply a different address. Sometimes it doesn't have to be very different. Ordering software like that, they punch in the address, and the software looks it up, trying to identify an existing customer. (and you're in that list even if you order samples) They'll get a "did you mean ...." and list the possible matches. Depending on who's punching in the order, and how long ago you got a freebee, they may or may not approve it.

    Same works for electronic orders, non exact address matches always go through someone to approve. But if someone's being lazy, even adding an Apt # or very simple spelling error (like adding a letter on the end of your street name or misspelling "streeet" etc) can get you past it if they're not paying attention.

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