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Thread: Straining to Understand a Defining Question.

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    Default Straining to Understand a Defining Question.

    Just the other day I put on a fresh disposable after my morning shower. Having a day at home, I spent the time doing normal household duties and some outside maintenance. As I remained in my adult mind frame all day, the disposable was for comfort only, not usage. (Definitely DL mode not AB besides disposables are a little warmer for our winter here, than are regular underwear).

    But at the end of the day I noticed a little brown stain about the size of a large postage stamp, although I had not been aware of anything happening.

    Since I was not wearing regular underwear at the time, the disposable saved me a bit of hand washing and I am thankful for that. I did not even have any flatulence or discomfort from my occasional IBS.

    However in recent times the frequency of this anal leakage has been increasing to about once or twice a week, to where I sometimes feel, (especially if I do have a little IBS pain), more secure protected, than not. Please see that I am not in any way complaining it is only a very minor problem, I am better off than most people are.

    So to all the experts here my Defining Question is; if this trend continues in frequency would this technically speaking place me in a category of some mild form of incontinence?

    Sorry to bother others over something so trivial, just curious about the classification. Thank you for taking the time to read this and glad to receive any replies.

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    Hmm, that could be a tricky one depending on the definition you require.

    Personal and dictionary definition says that incontinence (as we understand it) is any inability for the bladder/bowel to retain urine/feces respectively.As such, while this may be a mild case, it could still class as incontinence.
    However, as the rectum/anus isn't designed to retain fluid content, it could be said that this may just be a case of diarrhoea aggrivated by IBS.. though the period over whicj you've been affected implies otherwise.

    By medical definition, incontinence is much the same as the personal/dictionary definition.
    If you are talking in terms of medical definition for the purposes of insurance/state health provision (and there's the biggie) some medical professions/professionals count incontinence as "the inability for the bladder/bowel to retain urine/feces respectively to the point that it detrimentaly [and often, seriously] affects daily life". Often there is an addition tacked onto the end of this (especially if they need further justification for denying whatever you need) is "that cannot be cured or treated by basic medical treatment or lifestyle change"

    In summary; while in this case it could definately be argued (and easily proven/accepted) that you are suffering a mild form of incontinence, many in the beaurocratic professions would probably claim otherwise.

    What I think is more important here though, is that any anal leakage could be a symptom of an underlying condition. While it's entirely possible that it could be caused by your occasional IBS, if it is an unusual sympton, or came on suddenly, then it's very possible to be caused by something else and is definately worth getting checked out by a doctor.

    I hope this, in some part at least, answers your query. All the best.

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    Thank you GoodDog and waslost1234abc for your interest and replies. I certainly was not looking at the situation from an insurance angle, only in terms of definition. I have had no trouble since and I am taking on board your comments. I am now about to log off and go away from home for my working week and will not be back to ADISC for five days. Thank you for your support. All the best.

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