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    I'm going to order some X-Pluses form Dorset Nursing Supplies on Tuesday morning so they are here the day after my GCSE results. I have rung up and emailed them about making sure the diapers are not noticeable as my mum will be in. They said they will be packaged in a courier bag that will be almost unrecognisable to conform to their privacy policy. However, i am still incredibly nervous about doing it and its beginning to annoy me because I am 95% certain everything will go ok, but something in me keeps thinking that the courier will trun up with an unwrapped bag of x-pluses and i will be exposed to my mum and sister (again!). Any help and adivce from people who have ordered x-pluses, used dorset nursing supplies or found themself in a similar situation?
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    Hello anon,

    I think you are being too paranoid, if they guarantee privacy I wouldn't worry about it. It should arrive to you in an unmarked box.
    Hope this helps, Have a nice day.

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