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Thread: Ever decide to mess and then regret it? how do you get the smell off your hands?

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    Default Ever decide to mess and then regret it? how do you get the smell off your hands?

    Seriously I hate it! I was in a diaper then decided to mess..... Just randomly.... next thing I know I'm sitting there like... .WTF did I do? Next thing I know I'm messy and thinking.... GREEAT! So I then lit some incense to cover the smell and went to the bathroom (luckly my mom buys wipes) so I used several wipes and what not.... But the smell is still there.... On my hands I mean... usually the wipes do something to lessen the smell.... so how do you guys deal with the smell of.... well shit on your hands? >_> Cuz I don't think I can handle that smell all day again... thinking about putting them over the incense smoke to smoke the smell out! XD

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    I've only had that happen once or twice, and it wasn't that bad. Just scrub your hand clean, take a shower, rub baby powder or lavender on them, and you will be fine. But be SURE to scrub your hands THOROUGHLY!

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    Wash your hands, or use wipes big enough to cover your hands so you don't wipe your butt with your bare hands.

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    If you plan to mess , you must be willing to deal with the after-mas.....other-wise Don't do it .

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    Um, maybe wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly? You should be doing that after using the potty anyway

    I usually take a hot shower after I mess. Makes the cleanup easier.

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    I've never had a problem with the smell sticking on my hands that long. I just wash them and all is well.

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    Lingering smells from messing are rather troublesome. The moral of the story isn't don't mess. Messing is fun. The moral of the story is don't RANDOMLY mess. If you decide to mess from out of nowhere then you are ill prepared to deal with stinkiness.

    1.) Don't randomly decide to mess. You never know when friends or family may pop by while you just shat yourself.
    2.) Make sure wipes, fresh diapers, disposal things, are on hand.
    3.) Make sure candles and scented accessories are on hand.
    4.) Mess yourself.
    5.) Squish it and enjoy it.
    6.) Clean up. use sprays. Take shower if you want. Wash hands if you want. Dispose of poopy wipes and poopy diaper as neeeded.

    Again, don't decide randomly. You may think "hmm let's mess" then as you are rolling on the floor making a poop pancake your sister will drop by and find you wallowing in your poop like a pig. NOT GOOD. Lol. Not good.

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    I take my time when I clean, so I don't end up with smelly hands. I still wash 'em after, though ^__^

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    Scrub thoroughly. Ive gotten poop on my hands by accident before and still got the smell out and everything cleaned up.

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