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Thread: Only For Australians (Sorry, rest of the world) :(

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    Default Only For Australians (Sorry, rest of the world) :(

    So in a short while we are having an election here in OZ and i want to know who you will vote for?
    Labour? Liberal? The Greens maybe?
    I myself am a Labour supporter and i would vote for them because they stand up for the little man in the workplace.

    Who will you vote for and most importantly WHY?

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    I voted Green with preferences to Labor, used to be a labor man even a branch president but am totally disinfranchised with them for a whole lot of reasons. Looks kinda knife edged on the election now. I am kinda worried we will get the maniac conservatives back in though.

    Oh yeah why, the greens actually have policies (printed and shared LOL) regarding the environment and their stance on pretty much every issue.

    Plus I believe in proportional representation not this nonsense of 2 party preferred which seems to be shared amongst the party.

    Only downside is they don't seem so keen on disposable nappies but be hanged if I will wash my own LOL.

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    OH my what an election, labour went from having 83 seats to about 72, CLEARLY they did something wrong in how they handled things,

    for me, voted labor 1sst preference, and greens in the senate definately want them to get the balance of power

    choos, the simple fact about representation is that liberal and labour parties are the largest. ANY party could get majority govenment btonly f they had enough seats and not every seat has a candidate with the socialists or family first parties,
    thats the MAJOUR reason why things have become a 2 party preferred system. thats how i see it anycase

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    ok, though THIS is awsome.

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    Well, if i COULD have voted, i would've voted for the greens or the sex party.

    Reasonings: (Top 2 Reasons)
    Greens: Environment, Same Sex marriage.
    Sex Party: Same Sex Marriage, MORE sex education in schools.

    Both reasons for both parties are things that i thing NEED to be changed in australia.

    Plus i dont like Abbott OR Gillard :P


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    Im with Snaps on this one My First preference went to the Australian Sex Party (for the reasons Snaps has said), but i put Labour as my secondary. Greens were also close behind.

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    Man, y'all motherfuckers need to hurry up and form a government. :P

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