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Thread: I am thinking I might be diabetic? Should I see a doctor?

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    Default I am thinking I might be diabetic? Should I see a doctor?

    I am really wondering if I am diabetic. I haven't been to a doctor in a while but I am fatigued and always extremely thirsty. I will also become shaky if I do not eat food with high sugar content. Lets say I eat a Mcdonalds burger (which I have recently quit eating because I need to lose weight, but I would eat fast food everyday for lunch at work) I will feel energetic and I will not be thirsty. I don't know if anyone here might be able to tell me for sure but previously I self-diagnosed myself as hypoglycemic (blood sugar was tested and it was at 40 while I was having one of my shaky episodes) But I'm really not sure. Is anyone here a doctor or had personal experience with diabetes? I appreciate any input.
    Thanks - Tim

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    I'm hypoglycemic , I was diagnosed by a doctor. Sounds to me like you are hypoglycemic yourself. Diabetes is the opposite, your body does not make enough insulin and then you would have HIGH blood sugar.

    Either way you *need* to see a doctor, self diagnosing is never a good idea.

    Also in the mean time until you see a doctor, eat every 3 hours . Something with a lot of sugar OR carbs. This should reduce the number of episodes. If you need any other advice until you see your doctor feel free to drop me a private message.

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    I only had to read the thread title to know what my reply was going to be:


    If you have anything that seems wrong to you in regards to your health, always see a doctor! Nevermind self-diagnosis or asking the internet: always see a doctor. You don't have to sure you're ill before you go, it's the doctor's job to diagnose, not yours!

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    Other then what Charlie said (See a licensed doctor) I would say drink more water in general and eat throughout the day. The only having 3 large meals a day thing to me is total crap since before civilization we ate what we could, when we could. I just munch throughout the day, but I don't then I eat as much as a normal person would. Of course i'm not really healthy since it's still all junk food or at least processed in some manner and I just may be skinny due to a high metabolism.

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    I've always gone by the rule of if you have to ask if you should see a doctor, then you should see a doctor.

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    I just realized if your blood sugar was at 40 you would have been passed out. Maybe even having seizures or convulsions.

    So I dunno how true that is....

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    Better question is 40 what? Number without units are meaningless . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post
    I've always gone by the rule of if you have to ask if you should see a doctor, then you should see a doctor.
    Nail on head. I still don't know why people think that it's reasonable to ask on a forum if they should see a doctor. The Internet != Professional medical advice.

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    I had a friend who became diabetic and she went through a ton of water daily before getting diagnosed.

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    My wife has been diabetic since she was 20, and our son is hypoglycemic, which is what you are. Having a blood sugar number of 40 is extremely low as 100 is normal. I'm surprised you were functional. My wife says you should get a blood tester and keep track. Definitely see a doctor, because with blood sugar of 40 you are hypoglycemic. You are not diabetic, so that is the good news. It's the high blood sugar that does so much damage. But low blood sugar can make you very disoriented, which could be a major problem if you were driving. You could have or cause an accident. The doctor looms in your future, but it's not bad, and he will help you manage it by controlling your caloric intake.

    As a side note, I am the diabetic representative for my school. I just went to a workshop today which taught us many things, all which I knew, and my daughter in law was one of the presenter. It's a small world.

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