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    Default Hello from my hoose

    After I found this website through Google, I created an account here a while back and have since been stunned at the size of this community. New people introduce themselves every few hours, and there is forum activity at any time of day. I got caught up browsing the forums and forgot to introduce myself!

    I am a Babyfur/DL hailing from Canada; my primary interests are in computer-related things like video games, software, hardware, and computer repair. I mainly play World of Warcraft and raid often, with 11/12 heroic Icecrown Citadel 25 man progress in my guild. Tauren all the way!

    I also listen to music all the time, with my favorite band being "God is an Astronaut". I prefer electronica, post rock, video game soundtracks, and music without lyrics in general.

    While I spend most of my video game time playing World of Warcraft, my favorite genres are FPS and RPGs. Games that combine the two genres (System Shock 1/2, Deus Ex) are my favorite games of all time.

    My American friends tell me I really do pronounce 'house' that way.

    That's about as much as I feel comfortable revealing right now as I'd rather not let what I reveal here make me traceable to other websites/places through Google. I've lurked around these places for years and only just recently worked up the nerve to post. I probably won't say much as I don't like repeating things that have been said before, plus I don't have much to say if the topic is outside my narrow set of interests.

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    Hey! Welcome to ADISC. Hahaha, Taurans are okay, but it's the fury of the sindorei you should watch out for! (No, I don't have a WOW account any more.) But yeah, welcome!

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    Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I suppose you're right Akachan, darned Blood Elves are everywhere!

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