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Thread: First diaper run, need just a smidge of community help with the planning

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    Default First diaper run, need just a smidge of community help with the planning

    Well, I finaly managed to get a bit of cash (watched neighboors kid for a good three hours, got overpaid ^_^ )

    So, the plan is to wake up early, ( 8:30 IS EARLY for me)
    and make my way down to shoppers.

    Anyway, I know they wont have MUCH along the lines of diapers, and I dont know what to look for once I get there.

    Prehaps you guys could give some info about what to look for/what to avoid
    (and maybe point me in the direction of info on sizes?

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    Goodnites 8-15 years old should fit ya as long as you do not mind pull up style

    Can not say about what they look like tho as I am in the U.K but here they come in a blue pack.

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    (okay, shoppers should have those.)
    Im aiming for a taped diaper, but goodnights will do (they are night-time level absorbancy, right?)

    Now I face a somewhat ironic question:

    do I want the boxxers, or the briefs?

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    If its Shoppers Drug Mart, they would have Depends Maximum Protection or Life Brand briefs would be your only choices for tape on diapers.

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    Get depends max, size S/M. They are in a green package. They are tabbed. They are also REALLY absorbent and awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claw View Post
    I heard depends sucks?
    the max protection are amazing, but their other products fall short.

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    I forgot they also have Tena Super, they are alright aswell but they are cloth backed where the Depends are plastic backed, the Tena are in a blue/green packaging where as the Depends are green with an orange band across it.

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    okay. Willl hope to see those.

    depends website does not seem to think Shoppers(food wearhouse) has them, my backup will be goodnites I guess.

    Thank you all. wish me luck

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    Goodnites large, (I like the girls better than the boys). You won't be disappointed for a kid diaper. MUCH preferred over Depends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynapackar View Post
    If its Shoppers Drug Mart,
    So do they have Shoppers Drug Marts in the states or are you a displaced Canadian?

    Back to Claw. What are your waist and hip measurements or pants size? You could fit into Goodnites perfectly or you might need to look into adult diapers. Unfortunately the adult diapers in most stores don't have a real small size so they could be huge on you.

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