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Thread: Diapers at airports

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    Question Diapers at airports

    So I'm flying back east to visit the family and as my IC has become a real problem since last I saw them I have some understandable anxiety about being around them and friends having to wear a diaper. I know that if they see I can explain that its for a legitimate reason, etc. and even if it were embarrassing, I'm sure it would be understandable (at least my parents know about it).

    My concern however is that I'm just now learning about all the full body scanners in the airports - I saw a thread from earlier in a different section that didn't seem to answer my concerns (and it was closed) so...

    What is the likelihood that they will stop me after a scan, because undoubtedly a thicker diaper will show up on those images... I am sure they have dealt with other before but learning that there was some jackass who tried to bring a bomb on a flight via an adult diaper, I fear they might single me out...

    what experiences have you had with the scanners? do you know if I can request a pat-down instead (at LAX, if you know)? I'm sure they are professional if they see you need a diaper but its embarrassing enough to have someone know - let alone talk to you about it, or worse - search you.


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    The TSA goons are pretty good about dealing with diapered travelers, usually. It's bad publicity to strip-search someone with MS or whatever, not to mention the ADA lawsuits. When I've flown carrying/wearing diapers, I've not had any trouble beyond the occasional quizzical look. Just request a private screening if they go through your bag.

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    I haven't been to an airport since they started doing this but first I would check and see if they airport you'll be at even has those to begin with.

    If they do then... and this is just a suggestion.
    But perhaps you can put on normal underwear and an incontinence pad instead of wearing a diaper?
    And there's the laboratories you can use to change once you have time on the plane, so it wouldn't have to be for long (assuming there's enough room in there to change that is).
    I don't wear diapers (yet) and I've never (thankfully) had to go through this type of scanner so I'm basing this off of just what I know. Sorry if it isn't a lot of help. Oh and I'm suggesting going with underwear and a pad, until you get on the plane at least, because of that jackass you mentioned.
    Basically, if I were you, I'd play it safe rather than risk it.

    But, yeah, first step is to find out if they even have those scanners there.

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    I wouldn't recommend that. Ever tried to change an adult diaper in an aircraft lav? It's a pain in the ass. Plus you have to rummage through your carry-on bag and take the clean diaper with you. Way more chance of being noticed than going through security.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've never been stopped at an airport and I wear diapers 24/7.

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    I wouldn't care if people saw me carrying a diaper to the bathroom on an airplane, I'll just say I have medical issues and make them feel bad so they'll shut up and stop being so immature. Yeah. Just imagine some 25 year old saying "Haha look he has to wear diapers!" I mean cmon, that's just immature.. If someone needs a diaper on a plane for any reason, they shouldn't be laughed at, made feel bad about it, or anything. I know that if I ever go on a plane I'll definitely use diapers.. But you could always tuck it into your pants or under your shirt so nobody would see it if you need to. I understand why a lot of people wouldn't want to be seen with diapers, so why not try to get a seat near the restroom? If possible, let one of the attendants know you get real nervous when flying and ask if you can have a seat near the bathroom for precautionary reasons.

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    Not saying it's impossible. But if the goal is discretion and least chance of public exposure, you're far better off going through security diapered than trying to change aboard the aircraft.
    The other option: change in a private "family restroom" once you cross through security and emerge on the concourses. Most airports have them nowadays.

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    If you're having problems with IC, don't chance it, wear what you need to you. If the TSA people are professionals as they should be and an issue comes up regarding your diapers (carry on or wearing) they will pull you aside and into some privacy. If they don't do that and make a scene and embarrass you, then do what Polarbaby said and sue them!

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    I've been wondering this.. Since I don't think we have these where i live, what's a family restroom? Feel free to laugh at a stupid question :s

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    I have to agree with the posters here, especially ButterflyMage who would have some real time experience. I also know, having flown many times, that there are usually bathrooms near the waiting gates after you've gone through security. These would be larger than on board an airplane, so you could change there. But if you think you can make the entire flight without needing a change, I would just go to the airport diapered. After all, it's your right, and you are protected by the law, the people with disabilities act, a rather strong law.

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