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Thread: Its about time I got round to this.

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    Default Its about time I got round to this.

    Hello everyone!!

    Well this introduction has been on my todo list for a long time now and after much poking and nagging from a couple of friends...have finally got round to doing it!

    I am 20 and live in Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK. Currently about 10 mins walk from the beach where I do enjoy swimming in the sea. Also like to go sailing when I have the time and there are several local rivers I want to canoe down.

    Am currently studying for my degree in Media Technology at uni. Just working on my 3rd year project which is taking forever!!!! Would be a lot easyer if the power supply didn't keep overheating...

    Been into diapers most of my life and have had to wear them several times when I have been in hosptal. Now I mainly wear for comfort and they are useful sometimes instead of having to pack everything away while I go to the bathroom. Don't wear them 24/7 but do wear in public and at uni sometimes...but mostly at night when I can get some alone time and relax.

    Well I think I have rambled on enough...Nice to meet you all and hellos!!! *waves*

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    Welcome to the forum Digime, glad to see you finally on here. *hugs* Hope you make lots of nice new friends and enjoy your time at Adisc!

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