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    Default Adult Baby forum content

    Zing! Will do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moo View Post
    This forum is for our older (18-35) guests...
    Should I hold off for the creation of the geezer forum, then?

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    EH since this is only the thread establishing the forum please excuse this post but this seems a bit hypocritical. The teen baby lounge clearly states its for abs also then you go and make a lounge for only 18+. Why do they need their own forum the tb lounge is meant for both anyways.

    also i know several teens who hold down jobs.
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    As a “geezer” well not quite at 48 I still feel fairly young, I have found all of ADISC interesting and helpful. I have tried to be helpful and supportive in my posts and not go on into or about things not suitable for a younger crowd. Many of the younger members have debated topics, like the anal sex thread, I felt uncomfortable sharing my own experiences in due to the age thing. I see little else different.
    I’m rambling again… Point is as the new forum welcomes all and the younger members visit the mature sections anyway I do not think an additional forum is needed. Will there be a over 35 section too?
    Diapered4lyfe said it well.
    Its done now so lets see how it goes.
    As the “old guy” I feel like the kid put on the short bus.


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    Is this forum open for people under 18 to read? And post in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Should I hold off for the creation of the geezer forum, then?
    My ears have been ringing all day. I knew someone was talking about us old geezers somewhere.

    *AB Geezer Forum - ages 36 to - too old and weak to click a mouse*


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    I think there are more 'old geezers' (and geezerettes) around here than one might think at first glance . I think we should have our own forum section (or at least our own thread)!!!

    *signed old geezerette*

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    What's the saying?

    You are as young as you feel.

    Well... my bladder feels about 3.

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    Default Adult Baby forum content

    This forum is titled "Adult Baby" and we have another forum titled "Teen Baby". The description of the Teen forum indicates that adults are allowed to use that forum for *B discussions. This forum is for "Adult Babies" ages 18-35. This fact confuses me.

    I have a few questions to ask regarding this forum. My personal views will follow the questions.
    1. What content should be posted here?
    2. What should not be included here?
    3. Who can post here? (Is >35 or <18 excluded?)
    4. How can we make the description for this forum more clear? (This is mostly for the Mods and Moo.)

    Yeah, time for my (2 cents)! Here we go. (Sorry if this part is too long.)

    First off, I do not consider myself an adult baby. Baby outfits, pacifiers, and bottles are not my thing. I am a Diaper Lover. My interest in this forum is purely to know what should be found here. Some of my diaper fetish questions will not fit into the Teen baby or Diaper Talk forums. Can I post them here? If this forum is strictly for 18-35 people to discuss baby related items, my presence here is not needed. However, if this is where adult items may be mixed with diapers, I will be fairly active in this forum I would like to use this forum to discuss adult diapered time outs.

    As for content that should not be allowed, my list is fairly short. I would appreciate some decency in the content. Anything not normally accepted in the mature section should not be allowed here. The topics here should be limited to diaper or adult baby related activities.

    Personally, I see no reason to limit older members from posting in the Teen section. Those more experienced at such activities may have very good advice for those that have less experience. The same goes for this forum. When I get to 36 years old, will I be too old to use this forum? Will we be making a forum for those 36 plus? In my humble opinion, age should not be the deciding factor for which forum to use. Content should be the deciding factor. Anyone age 12 to 135 should be welcome to use all of the forums here. This website has met PG-13 standards so far, and this forum should be no different.

    I only have two suggestions for the description of this forum. First off, remove the upper age limit. Second, indicate what content should be posted here.

    Thank you for your time!

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