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    Hey all i am new here to adisc, old to diaper love, and want to introduce my self. My name is of course Austin, I live in the USA in Illinois. 15 and wish i was 16 to go buy diapers. And i have a question, can you give people your email address to talk to via email or chat??

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    welcome to adisc Austin and yes you can give out your e-mail to chat

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    Welcome to ADISC! I would suggest getting to know people before asking for emails though. Just an idea.

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    I was planning on that i was just asking for personal knowledge. trust me the last thing i want to do is come on too strong to DLs. Thanks for the advice!!

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    ty austin

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    Hey, welcome to the site. Just to clarify about e-mail addresses and such, that should go in your profile with whatever privacy protections you deem appropriate. They should not go in forum posts as that just makes work for the forum mods cleaning them up. If you spend a little time getting to know people on the site, I think it tends to be natural that you will make friends and may wish to communicate further. Consider checking out the IRC chat if you haven't already. It's a very good way to talk further with people on an array of subjects.

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