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Thread: HELLO!!^^ IM NEW!!!!!!! im looking forward to meeting lots of abdl friends!!!! feel free to talk/message me!!!^^

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    Default HELLO!!^^ IM NEW!!!!!!! im looking forward to meeting lots of abdl friends!!!! feel free to talk/message me!!!^^

    Hello!!^^ im new this site and would love to make lots of friends here so feel free to talk with me anytime!^^. Im a dl but I also like some ab/tb stuff, but i should say tb stuff, for I am only a teen^^. I do wear diapers and i love them sooo much!!^^, i also own a pacifier and a bottle and i love those so much!, i had a onsie i made a long time ago but i cant find it anymore . I need my diapers at night though cause i have the tendancy to bedwett. I wear my diapers throughout the day alot and i do use them too^^. Also i looove anime^^. If u have any questions u want to ask me, feel free too. I cand wait to make lots of friends! have a great day everyone!!!^^ hehe

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    Hey! Welcome!

    So you like anime? Me too! I love Death Note and Nabari no Ou (they're my two favorites). What about you?

    I hope you have fun, everyone's really nice here .

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    Errr....Welcome to ADISC?

    Any other intersts or hobbies you'd like to share outside of being a DL?

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    Welcome to Adisc!
    Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself, I mean outside of diapers? Hobbies and such.

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    And Welcome....What anime shows do u like

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    I loved deathnote!! but my favorite anime would have to be Neon Genesis Evangelion.^^

    Lets see, ive seen so much anime its ridiculous^^...lets see...Inuyasha, gundam,hellsing,deathnote,ninja nonsence,school days, neon genesis evangelion, ghost in the shell(one of my faves), mahoromatic, trigun, fullmetal alchemist, big O, samurai champloo, desert punk, girls bravo, super milk chan, code geass, s-cry-ed, blood+, cowboy beebop, lupin the 3rd, paranoia agent, princess mononoke, howls moving caste, spirited away, steamboy,akira, dragonball z, golden boy, love hina(manga), fooly cooly, amaenaideyo....well the list goes on for a very long time but thats just a few ive seen
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