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Thread: work...?

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    Default work...?

    im not to sure if this post has come up before but was just wondering...

    Who wears a nappy/diaper to work i would love to but just cant seem to push myself to doing it because of the fear of getting caught. i wear them when i go out and about with my boyfriend and at my house when hes around but thats about it...

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    Same here. I'd love to, and working in a supermarket on the cigarette counter, I MIGHT be able to get away with it... But I daren't.

    The consequences are too great if I were found out.

    Dan x

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    Bad idea; you feel guilty and it inhibits your working ability.

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    It would definitely always be on my mind, and I'd be hyper-alert/paranoid

    Dan x

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen View Post
    I don't leave home with out them

    Any problems?

    Dan x

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    I've worn at work a few times, with no issues. I don't think I've ever been found out, but even if I were, what are the consequences. Remember, a number of people have a physical need, and no ones going to fire you for being incontinent. At most, you might get a concerned word from someone who's nice, or some mild ribbing from someone who's not.

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    I have worn a couple of times, but meh, I don't think I'll do it again. Simple reason is that while at work, you're supposed to work... and with a diaper on I can't focus/feel slightly paranoid. So I can't really enjoy it while wearing at work so I'd rather save the diaper for some time when I can enjoy it.

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    i do and have done for sometime now when i started i was slightly paranoid but now i don't care wot ppl think plus now its more need them

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    I am profoundly urinary incontinent. My urine flows in frequent small dribbles 24/7. Although I have absolutely no bladder control, experience has taught me how much total urine I will void in a certain amount of time during the day. Making use of this information, so long as I can change every 4 hours or less, all I need is a slip-in disposable pad during the day.

    A pair of newish snugish knit cotton ladies undies holds the pad, which takes only seconds to change in a ladies room stall. At my office I have my own private toilet. In courthouses and such places I use public ladies rooms. Nobody has ever made a comment, even on days when because I must go longer between changes I wear an adult disposable. Those take slightly longer to change, but I do so standing up in a stall.

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