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Thread: Goodnites sample possibly glitched?

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    Question Goodnites sample possibly glitched?

    I used one of my e-mails and a fake name, real address and real zip, and clicked order or w/e, it said it was on its way. I checked my e-mail, and it said it has been sent out. So I was like 'Maybe I could get more than one' even though it clearly said only 1 per house. So I tried it again with another fake name and another e-mail (I have 3 different e-mails :x) but same address and zip and it said it went through. I checked that e-mail, and it said that it had been shipped out as well. So is it glitched that you could actually get more than 1 Goodnite sample? Am I gonna get 1 or 2..?

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    Chances are the process is fully automated so you might actually get two of them.
    I guess it all depends on where verification takes place, if all the checking is done when you order the sample then yes you will get two but if they check again before shipping then you may only get one, no way to tell really.

    I wouldn't push your luck though if you get two, if you want them that bad go buy them =p

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    It's probably automated and I'd guess you'll get two. I just ordered a sample myself and I'll supposedly get them. Figured I'd give it a try now that I can finally fit in them again.

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    When they arrive, let me know if they are "marked" with what it is. I don't want my parents to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodniteTeen View Post
    When they arrive, let me know if they are "marked" with what it is. I don't want my parents to know.
    Five minutes of searching, and you'd have found this:

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    They come in a white box its marked kimberly-clark on the outside I believe it also says here are the samples you requested but does not say what they are. When you open the box there is one goodnite in a clear wrapper.

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