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Thread: Do you have a carer?

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    Default Do you have a carer?

    Adult Babies, what are your experiences with carers? Do you have one, or more than one? If so, do you and your carer(s) have a relationship outside of AB/DL practices? Flip that question around as need be, too. Do you want a caretaker? What is your general opinion of having someone to care for your little side?

    I, personally, am happily married to my "Dada" who is younger than me in real life.

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    I don't have one but if I ever did it would have to be someone I loved and trusted. I just couldn't be taken care of by a stranger unless if I did get a daddy and he left me with a carer to babysit me if he had to go on a business trip or something and he didn't want me to be alone.

    But no I don't have one but I would like one one day.

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    Well i have my Boyfriend to care for me to change me and love me and stuff... but i didnt think i would ever find someone with the same intrests as me... so yea we have a relationship outside the AB/DL practices... but i dont think i would be able to have a carer who im not in a relationship with as like AnnBabygurl said they would have to be someone i love and trusted... and i found it hard enough to open up to my boyfriend let alone a random person who i dont share a bond with...

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    Ive had a 'daddy' for a few years now and we have a great relationship, but it doesnt extend past the ab/dl side, which is perfect for me. He is also quite a bit older than me, which I also like as I couldnt think of someone else who is the same age / size could act out the daddy role.

    But I love my daddy and wouldnt change him for the world! (though Berko is my 2nd daddy x3)

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    I'm gay and my bf is also my daddy he is 45 and I'm 28 and it works out perfect.....we go all out for the daddy/son side but we also have an extensive relationship outside of being into abdl and age play.....I also have a mommy but I'm gay so that's non sexual.....we have known each other for awhile and even dated at one point...she is now a lesbian and I'm now gay....we also have a daughter together that I have full custody of and have talked about in the future having more kids together to share responsibility for.....but its just something we talk about.....with her we are good friends and have a mommy/son dynamic going....with my bf/daddy there is a romantic comitted relationship there that we plan for the long haul.....we both celebrated the current downfall of proposition 8! Woo hoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryrypie View Post
    He is also quite a bit older than me, which I also like as I couldnt think of someone else who is the same age / size could act out the daddy role.
    I thought that, too, but my boyfriend now is the same age and, other than being broader, the same size as well. It really still works for me. I guess it's a personal preference!

    We were already in a "normal" relationship before my AB tendencies came to light, so we enjoy love, trust and the like outside that field, and I much prefer it that way. Like others have said - and I just said this to my boyfriend this morning! - I can't imagine someone who I didn't love changing me... I don't think it would feel as comfortable or intimate.

    I used to have an online DL friend who would always tell me of his exploits with other DL's - one he met in a park and changed him in the undergrowth, another whose house he visited etc - and it never appealed to me. It can't be as nice as being changed by a Mommy or Daddy who really loves you and wants to look after you.

    Dan x

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    I'm really lucky to have found Amy who has become my mummy. She is a LG at heart, but she has taken on the mummy role of looking after me, changing me etc (though she did take one of my nappies at the weekend while I was out hehehe!)

    But, we have a normal relationship as well of going out to dinner, visiting friends etc...cept we have our secret that she has put me in a nappy :P

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    My mommy/babygirl is my fiancee. I think that sums it up pretty well.

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    My Girlfriend takes care of me when I'm in the mood, and I take care of her when she's in the mood. We have a normal relationship outside of taking care of each other, which is nice.

    Honestly, I prefer being in a relationship with my carer, I feel being taken care of/taking care of someone is pretty intimate, at least to me.

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    I wish I had a guy in my life to participate in my ridiculousness. I had a girlfriend years ago that did, and it was a lot of fun. One day I will get a daddy in my life by god!

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