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Thread: is happy but sad.lolz.

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    Default is happy but sad.lolz.

    as i said .lolz.
    happy because i got more diapers(drynites untill my mom or i can find a store that sell real diapers with tapes(.eg tranquility or depends))and baby wipes.

    sad because the new tyre for my Honda XR80 has so thick rubber that the rubber touches the frame...the tyre wrong so no motorbike for me for awhile(until we buy anew 1)(maybe 2 days or maybe 2 weeks,depends if me n' my dad go to the store soon or not).lol.yer.

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    your mum buys you nappies?

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    yes,if only you read the previous thread in the old forums you would know i told her bout me bedwettin/and my TBness.=)

    ok and how do i make my font stay the same colour all the time??(this colour)

    ohh and my dad and me got 2 more links for the chain on my motorbike and we put the tire back abit and now the tyre doesnt touch the frame ^_^.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazza View Post
    lolz,my first triple post. =0
    Not really that funny. there is an edit button you know. Maybe helpful instead of spamming :P

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