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Thread: Toys!!!

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    Default Toys!!!

    I plan on integrating abness into my life when I move out (already kind of have). I will have a playroom of sorts and here is my list of toys. Suggestiions needed.
    What I have:
    hotwheels track
    wooden train set
    wooden block set
    3 ft jurrassic park Trex from 1996 (one of my fav toys!!!)
    2 1/2 foot animatronic Spinosaurus (sequel to rex toy. made in 2000?)
    halo action figures
    dart gun

    What I want:
    toy dinosaurs
    coloring books
    toy soldiers
    more htwheels!
    90's aquarium
    glow in the dark stuff
    footie pajamas
    90's Pakard Bell computer (coming in mail monday!)

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    I bought 120+ piece glow in the dark stars set to cover my bed room ceiling last night. I remember them from when I was little and cant wait for them to get here. I also have around 100 hotwheels, 2 big firetrucks a cabbage patch doll and a stuffed dog in a jogging suit. I still buy toys everything I got to the store.

    Your play room sounds like its going to be so much fun.

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    Oh ya. I used to have an awsome fire truck too, and RC cars. Totally need to replace those.

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    I have a adult RC car. Nitro powered and way to fast for a little kid.

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    Toys are awesome! I have most of mine from when I was little still stored away. I want to pull them out sometime and see if I still want to keep all of them. However, my grandfather has claimed a lot of the old metal Tonka and Nylint trucks I had when I was growing up as well as an old pedal car that my great-grandmother gave me. Once I have somewhere to put it, I am going to reclaim the pedal car and keep it myself.

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    I lived off of hotwheels and legos when i was a litttle kid. I probablly still could now. But what about those rugs that hav a city with the roads and stuff on them. Maybe you could have one of those.

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    I would love to see some pictures of this some time soon.

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    All right, I'll speak in stereotypes and say it:

    I can't come up with suggestions because you're such a little boy and I'm such a little girl! I don't think that anything I like would interest you at all, but I do love toys!

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    If I still had all of my little green army men, and the accompanying tanks, jeeps, machine guns, etc. I would never make it to work. I would simply stay home and play all day.

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    That's a pretty comprehensive list you've got! What an awesome playroom!

    I'm gonna be content with some Lego and Hot Wheels... I had an absolute sh*tload when I was younger, so I really, really want them back!

    Dan x

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