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Thread: Baby-Adult Nappy Guide!

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    Default Baby-Adult Nappy Guide!

    Hey guys, i was slightly bored so i thought i would be kind and share how i make my baby nappies into larger one's, what you could call adult.

    Ok, firstly, what do people normally do?

    Ok, as you can see below, people normally try to attach two baby nappies like so:
    Simply attaching one to the end off the other. This DOES NOT WORK

    This is never a good idea, it just makes it to long, and makes it really baggy at the bottom! This is not comfortable if you plan on sitting down.

    There are two other options, you can see by the pictures below:

    And then :

    This is simple and easy, but the only problem is the stuff inside that absorbs the liquids! If you cut it near the middle, the stuff may just fall out and simply not work.

    For some, this method is easier:

    Simply attach the other nappy half way on the other, it makes it feel more padded, and more comftable. It isn't all baggy when you sit down either!

    Hope it helped, good luck to all that can only get baby nappies!!!

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    I done this loads of times and I always fear it will leak where the two diapers meet. Also even if you do it this way the padding still fails compared to a normal adult diaper. But it is useful for just wearing a diaper and not using it I think.

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    Thanks for this. I'll have to remember this when I have two baby diapers.

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    Well, staples sound like they'd hurt, but you'd be surprised. In my experience, most of the force is both sides pulling apart and so the staple is pulled along its length rather than up into your skin. Granted, I've only used them to secure tapes (this was in the days before I realized how well duct tape worked for this) that let go, but I don't think it would hurt as much as it sounds .

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    cool, but i guess it wasn't worth the time making it :P

    May help a new comer or something, who knows!

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    Yeah, I would suggest not cutting the absorbant laywer. If that second method your showed was over lapping them, then that would be the best method for them not leaking. None the less thanks for taking the time for this thread.

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    Ah - my old days of diaper modding. I've done exactly the same thing - cut the front off one and the back off another diaper and then tape them together to lengthen the diaper. However, I used tape - staples will put tiny holes into the plastic and make the diaper leak.


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    Two baby diapers cost more than a adult diaper ! I think putting some sticker on the adult diaper to pretend baby diaper is better.

    Moreover, your method cannot increase the width of the baby diaper; therefore, it still does not fit your body.

    If you would like to decorate your adult diaper, you can try the "wall paper" strap, you can but the narrowest wall paper and stick it on the tapping area of the adult diaper.

    There are many pattern for the baby room, especially the Disneyland Cartoon Characters.

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