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    Holy COW do they crinkle.

    I work as a patient transport in a hospital and I get co-worker discounts on items, (12 Kendall Wings Choice diapers are only $3.82; 96 for $30), so I decided to grab some before work today. I decided to put one on to see how they last me through the workday and holy COW are they loud. Definitely the loudest diapers I've ever seen/worn. It's almost louder than a simple plastic bag being worn. I can hear them over the squeaky carts that I push through the hallways, and can even pick up on the noise near the intersection.

    I have yet to test the absorbency or anything, but they're very bulky up front, (although they don't feel it), and extra loud. For the price? I think I might go 24/7 with these in time (with the ocassional Bambino/Abena here and there of course).

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    Don't wet them, there absorbancy is horrible. But they have a babyish feel to em.

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    It's lasted me the entire workday fairly fine. No leak. I didn't flood though, just 1-5 second bursts every hour or so.

    They have a very babyish feel to them. :3

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