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    Hi everyone. I've been a diaper lover since the 1950'S. Back then i thought I was the only one. No internet then so it was not much fun not knowing there were other guys that liked to wear diapers. I am now retired, 65 years old and had my prostrate removed because of Cancer but it did leave me incontinent for real.
    The Cancer has not reappeared. I wear diapers most of the time.Active Plus, Bambino and Secure Plus. Prior to that i wore cloth diapers and plastic pants.
    I enjoy hearing from and meeting others with similar interests.

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    Welcome--from one geezer Virginian to another. No prostate problem here--yet--but other parts are getting pretty rickety.

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    hi, welcome. Do you happen to have any old plastic pants?Like from way back? Lots of people are interested in such old artifacts...

    Protex for life has both a museum, and replica pp's for sale

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