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Thread: what do you think if.....

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    Default what do you think if.....

    what do you think would happen if you died today and someone found you in a diaper or your ABDL stash? (I accredit this to smurf.) take it and run with it. (just leave the scissors on the counter...)

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    As I eluded to in my previous thread, I am a bit scared that their opinions of me might change and they'd remember me in an inaccurate way.

    I think at minimum what would happen is my family would be like "So that's what was up with him" (assuming my mom doesn't already know..), and then forget about it.

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    well both of my parents know and I only live with my dad. The only person who could find it is my dad's girlfriend but she's never gone into my bedroom before. However while on a trip to LA I took my eyeore plush along and slept openly with it. We shared the same hotel room's with two beds, since it was remarkably cheaper. She didn't say anything about it. I don't plan on telling her but my sleeper and plushies are pretty public.

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    I would be dead, so it wouldn't matter. But of course I arranged a plan with an extremely close friend. If anything ever happened to me, he will come on here and tell everyone.
    I'll have to get something tattoo'd on by balls that says "Tell James *password*".

    I would like to stay around and see how it plays out, but death's a bitch as you all know...

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    I've thought about this quite a bit, Im a bit freaked that if I die soon, my family will find them and remember me differently.

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    If I died, I would basically trust that my brother would take what I had in my stash and add it to his own. As for my Buzzy, everyone of my family members and close friends know that he is going to the grave with me no matter what. I first said that at my great-grandfather's funeral in 98, and I still stand by it today. If I was found wearing a diaper when I died, it would raise a few questions with some family members, but I would be dead, and they would just want to remember me as they knew me and not think about it too much.

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    I left a page of links & passwords to my blogs in a wall safe that I only have the key to. hopefully they would shed some light on the "stash" when found.

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    I'm dead, I don't need my stash anymore so they can do what they like with it. Chances are they won't be surprised or care that much, they'll be too busy grieving.

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