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Thread: Stephe Hawking's Theory of Extra Terrestrial Life

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    Default Stephe Hawking's Theory of Extra Terrestrial Life

    I'm posting here (albeit rather late) regarding Stephen Hawking's theory on Extra terrestrial life, or any of his theories or discoveries. If anyone has an educated opinion regarding this brilliant man's thoughts, please share them.

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    well do you have an opinion? i have an un educated opinion on it. And i think hes right. If we make contact with an alien species there is a high chance that they wont be friendly. like if we met an inferior life form on a planet we would definately boss them around and take control of said planet, why wouldnt another species do the same. also the chances are if they have intergallatic travel there planet is probally as messed up as ours in terms off limiting resources and pollution and what not so why wouldnt they want to take what ever good we have left here?

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    I kinda disagree and I kinda agree. Aliens could be friendly or not so friendly. They could be conquerors or they could be pacifists. However, I actually think peaceful aliens are much more likely. If they have the technology to travel from one star system to another, then they probably have the wisdom to do so peacefully. We might start throwing nukes around if they did some kind of aggressive invasion and I really don't think that would work out too well for either side. I think they would sooner just build colonies on an uninhabited planet than start an invasion. My point is, if they had the technology to travel between planets in different star systems, then they probably wouldn't need to conquer planets

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    I'm a bit indifferent on it. But, I have to agree with what ShippoFox said.

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    Don't know how hostile an alien race would be if it ever visited earth. However, although I do believe in Intelligent life out there, other worlds populated, I don't believe aliens have ever, nor ever will visit earth. Interstellar travel I think is an impossibility dreamed up by Science fiction writers. I can only hope though that I am wrong.

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    I'm not sure why a pacifist mindset would necessarily correlate to ANY degree with the technology to traverse long distances over the universe. I agree that IF intelligent life exists, it's quite unlikely to be peaceful. Maybe not openly hostile, but I'm sure their interactions would be absolutely nothing like the polar opposites we see in science fiction (peaceful benevolent race grants us their technology to further our understanding, warlike race conquers and enslaves the surviving humans...).

    I'd be more likely to believe that no contact at all would be made - just simple observation. Contact on an extremely tiny scale, maybe.

    I don't think intelligent life exists elsewhere though. Looking at it from a purely naturalistic standpoint (not one I hold, unless for the purposes of scientific discussion), the chances of intelligent life arising are...I mean, it's nothing short of a miracle. Astonishing. I believe life does exist on other plants, but higher life? Even life forms we are capable of interacting with, not necessarily intelligent, but say, similar to the domesticated dog? No. I don't think that kind of life exists. There are such a ridiculously high number of requirements for higher forms of life to arise that have nothing to do with evolution, and everything to do with the circumstances of the planet in the first take that very tiny handful of planets that fit in that situation, and then combine that with the chances for life to evolve...I have no reason to believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere.

    Interstellar travel will be possible if we ever find a way to generate stable wormholes, and deal with the immense gravitational forces they'd generate (no ship we can create today would be able to survive in one. Obviously direct travel would never be possible in an acceptable length of time (takes several weeks just to get to Mars).

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    I've only heard bits and pieces of Hawking's theory, but from what I know, it's extremely anthropocentric. That is to say, it assumes that an intelligent alien race is going to be something like the human race. If that is the case, then they probably will try to colonize us. But there's no reason why they have to be like humans at all, or like any sort of earth life at all.

    Suppose that by "intelligent" we mean able to interact with the environment in a such a way as to advantage the being in question. Why does this quality have to occur only in conjunction with what we recognize as "life" and the forces that affect it? Suppose there is another planet on which an intelligent thing has developed, but it lacks DNA, is made of liquid matter, stores information via a gravitational field, is not subject to evolutionary forces -- in other words, it bears absolutely no resemblance to earth life in either its form or its actions. Such a thing is not going to behave like a human -- such a thing might not even use anything we would recognize as reason or motive or cognition -- and in such a case it would be quite out of place to hold it to human expectations.

    When all is said and done, we cannot but imagine life and intelligence after the pattern of what we have seen here on Earth, so I can't really blame Hawking. However, it seems extremely conceited to refuse to open up our imagination to possibilities beyond what we have seen or can even comprehend. Consequently, Hawking might be right, but it would be foolish to suppose that simply because an alien race is intelligent in some capacity, that it will certainly behave like humans and try to exploit our planet. Really, then, it's something of a cosmic crap shoot; it could be great, or it could destroy life as we know it

    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    If they have the technology to travel from one star system to another, then they probably have the wisdom to do so peacefully.
    Let's rewind time a few centuries. You're an Inca and you've just seen Pizzaro landing on the shores of South America and speaking of Spain. You say, "Well golly, if they have the technology to travel across an ocean [an unimaginable feat for an Inca], they've probably got the wisdom to do so peacefully." ...and then he cuts you to ribbons with his cutlass, rapes your women, burns your crops, and steals your gold. I'm not saying aliens won't be peaceful, but I see no reason to suppose that they *probably* will be.
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    at the risk of upsetting those who've pondered the issues little, i think he's a waste of space (no pun intended). he's done nothing to make a beneficial contribution to society, yet he's taken much benefit from it.
    for all his 'great mind' and expensive education, what's he produced? nowt but dreams. you can't eat dreams.
    basic, but all life is basic; and all life's needs are basic. and with ste's constantly being wrapped up in his own little dream-world, he's forgotten the basics.
    intelligent ETs? by whose definiton of intelligence? humans of course. so, you would only be recognising that which would like yourselves. with that: peaceful? doubtful.
    of course, the whole notion of peace-loving ETs completely dismisses the question of 'why would they travelling the cosmos?'. so, go on, ask 'why?'
    whittled it down to an instinctive desire? just like humans, just like all life, driven by an insatiable greed, from the cellular level up.
    and we haven't even got to the issue of how they would be powering and maintaining their 'ships', and where they would getting the resources for that, and who would doing the labouring necessary for that? afterall, they aren't likely to risk their own lives and limbs in doing that if they've put such a great emphasis on their 'intelligence' are they? so, some grunts' will have to do the dirty work.
    life is basic, as said, and maintaining the comparison with humans as you humans like to, your cosy, intellect-worshipping lives are funded soley by grunts digging in the dirt, out of sight and out of mind.

    will humans venture out into the vastness of space? nope. do the sums.
    if all of the planets in all of the solar-system, with all of their masses, can't break free from the sun's gravity, where are you going to get the energy from to propel your spacecrafts? that's also including using the earth as a vehicle itself, an idea already contemplated and disposed of.
    and even if you managed to get out of the solar-system, what then? where's your energy and materials going to come from to sustain you? assuming that your craft could only accomodate a limited number of bodies (it being defined as a craft and not something infinite), you would have to leap-frog your way across the cosmos, ravaging worlds as you go.....
    hey, i just held the mirror up; it's your reflection.

    try this: think of yourselves as nothing but demented chimps and then ponder if you could recognise intelligence, and if and why an intelligence would be interested in you enough to make itself known unto you.
    and don't forget the basics: as humans you've defecated all over this planet, your only home, and you haven't even bothered to wipe your arses; on that count, if you do get visitors, don't expect polite visitors (interstellar social-workers, maybe, but mostly just the local scrotes come to share a bong or needle and nick owt that's not nailed down).

    oh, cheer up. it could be worse: look at next-door.
    mind you, where did you used to live?

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    Meh, oh well. If they do visit however, they'll be looking down the barrel of a AR15. That's why we have weapons, for those unknown visitors, inhuman sons of bitches or not :p

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    I know theres Other Life in the Universe you would be an Idiot to think we are the only life anywhere.

    Because If we here on earth exist with all forms of live. Im 100% Positive that somewhere among the cosmos thats there is other intelligent life thinking the same thing.

    I dont think any would be aggressive.

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