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Thread: Greetings from a Norwegian fox

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    Greetings! Just stumbled over this forum, and figured I'd give it a try and register. No idea how active I'll be here - I'm guessing my activity level might be fairly sporadic - as there are other forums I'm already active on, and there's always so much to do... But we'll see!

    So, I'm an infantilist and a fur, ergo a babyfur. I'm 25 years old, my personal species is arctic fox, and I live in Norway. I've been an infantilist since pretty much as long back as I can remember, and around the age of 14 I became aware of the furry culture and after some research decided to join it.

    I don't get to act out my infantilism very often, as I unfortunately still live with my parents, but common babyish activities when I do include: diaper usage (often under the influence of a laxative, to simulate incontinence), watching children's shows (Bear In The Big Blue House is my definite favourite), dancing (often, but not necessarily, to children's music), eating baby food and drinking formula, and occasionally messy eating. There are many things I'd still love to experience, like being diapered or babied for an extended period of time, being on a babyfood diet for an extended period of time, or having my own nursery.

    I have a wonderful boyfriend who's also a babyfur, and we've both babied each other to some extent. Unfortunately he lives in the UK, so we don't get to meet that often, and though I've been an infantilist all my life I still feel like a pretty big n00b when it comes acting out one's infantilism in someone else's presence, or taking on the role of a caretaker.

    As for other hobbies and interests... I used to be big into comic books until my regular store closed, but I'm still somewhat into them. I'm a fan of tabletop roleplaying, and I casually play Magic: The Gathering. I'm a big music listener, mostly enjoying semi-contemporary independent music, but I listen to a bit of everything. I'm also a semi-musician myself; I record my own pieces, and have collaborated with others, both profesionally and... less profesionally. Ah, I'm the creator and an administrator of the Norwegian furry forum Norwegian Paws. I also started the LiveJournal babyfur community way back when, and I sporadically try contributing to Radix's babyfur website The Babyfur Den.

    Whew! I think that's enough for now. If y'all have any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Hey there Miles! Welcome to ADISC.
    Hope you have some fun here. Pretty much everyone here is really nice.
    Hope to see you in the live chat here.

    Ya said you like comics? What kinds?
    Oh, and table top games, every play D&D by chance?

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    welcome to adisc im not really a babyfur but i could be a diaperfur (pikachu) well where is norway or whatever its called? up north somewhere i asume

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    Thank you both for the warm welcome!

    I guess Norway is pretty far north, sure. Neighbours to Russia, Sweden and Finland.

    Am familiar with D&D, yes. Have played it before, and we're just about to start up a new campaign again. Curious how that will go; haven't tried 4th edition yet.

    As mentioned, not as into comics as I used to be (costs way too much!). There's no particular genre I especially fancy, but some favourites include Tellos, Top 10, Peanutbutter & Jeremy, and The Runaways (I've only read Vaughan's run). How about yourself, if I may ask?

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    Im from sweden i was in norway for about 4 weeks ago xD

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