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Thread: Limited Edition Pampers Cruisers by Cinthya Rowley.

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    Default Limited Edition Pampers Cruisers by Cinthya Rowley.

    I was checking in, (it's funny to look at all the bad comments from real moms, and good comments from the company :P) and they were showing these limited edition Pampers Cruisers:

    They say they come in 11 different cute designs. And exclusively at Target.
    I might buy them, but I'm not shure they come in size 7. Must check later.

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    Sizes 3-5 make the most sense since that is where the bulk of consumers are.

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    Those designs are just too cute. I never thought about it before, but I would love to have these girlish prints or a frilly, ruffled design imprinted on my disposable diapers. I know that diapers like these will never be commercially made to fit adults, but it would be wonderful if they were.

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    OMG!!! I want these! I never realized how much I want prints until I saw these. I hope these are in size 7. An adult size one would be AWESOME!!! ARE YOU LISTENING BAMBNO?? :P

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    i can confirm i did see them at Target but i just wrote them off. I didn't see a siz 7 there but they sure looked neat :-p

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    They're cute.
    I guess Bambino isn't the only company with designer diapers anymore.

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    These pampers are only available in sizes 3 and 4 and are only available in the US. I have purchased a few boxes of each and I have placed them on ebay for bid. If you are interested in some just let me know or search for them on ebay by searching Cynthia Rowley pampers....the auction ends in 3 days and I am willing to ship them worldwide for other DL's to experience!

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