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    Heya all, first time poster, so, a little shy, but figured it was time to introduce myself. I am a furry (fur name is Magusfolf or Dameon) from the Northeast, with a great interest in padding, so, I guess that would make me a diaperfur. I haven't really had much of a chance to wear them as I'm currently still stuck at home with the parental units.

    Aside from the furry community and diapers, some of my other interests include listening to music (big metal fan, with a love for the heavy, speed, thrash, doom, and even a bit of the death sub-genre), computers and gaming, hiking and exploring new places, hanging out with friends, and the paranormal, among a lot of other things.

    So, that's a brief introduction of myself and what I'm into. I hope to make new friends to chat with, and thank you in advance to anyone who decides to take the time to read, and/or respond to this intro!


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    Welcome to ADISC. Hope you are going to like it her.

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    So, computer gamer eh? What games ya play?

    Anyway, don't be too shy. Pretty much everyone here is really nice. Try joining the live chat. You can really meet some people there.

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    Thanks for the greetings, guys. Shinx, to answer your question, I used to be a big WoW player, but kind of got turned off of that, I play a few Steam games now like Beat Hazard, etc, and aside from that the main thing I'm currently playing is Dungeon Fighter Online. Tried it one day out of boredom, and ended up really liking it. What about yourself? What are some of your favorite games?

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    Hell man.... I got TONS.
    I got Steam, and pretty much every single Valve game made, and a crap load more with Source, AND a ton more that I really dont wanna count >.<
    I used to play WoW too myself, but... after you lvled up to the max... meh.

    I can check out Dungeon Fighter Online. Always looking for a new MMORPG to play.

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    hey i play dungeon fighter online my name is xkam13 i think lol its kinda weird i forgot i was just playing today, anywasys im a lvl 45 asura so hit me up on the game seriously

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    What do you do for hiking? I'm a hiker myself and hope to thru-hike the AT one day.

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