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Thread: What's your favorite season?

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    Red face What's your favorite season?


    I perfer winter, because it's the perfect time to snuggle under your covers, sleep lots, cloudy and rainy days, and, this might sound weird, but sometimes I feel like getting depressed. Perfect time.

    It also usualy brings my family together, snuggling in the living room under some covers watching The Simpsons, or a movie.

    What about you?

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    I like summer the best, but I like winter for some reason even though I hate cold.

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    It gets so ridiculously cold here that it makes it pretty tough to enjoy (-30 for weeks on end is not my thing).

    Overall summer is way to short.

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    Spring time is the best. All the trees are going green, it's sunny but not too warm, and everyone's generally happy that winter time is over and there's no more snow or ice to slide around on.

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    Winter, because I enjoy the gray sky and the faint cool breeze. It matches my personality and I can actually stand the weather.

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    Summer, my birthday, school holidays, warm weather (OK not this year but sometimes) and that means the beach, endless partying in town. It doesn't get better than that.

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    Spring! For the same reasons Peachy brought up.

    Summer can be nice as everything looks more beautiful in the sunshine, but sadly it's often too hot for me (too hot to wear diapers as well).
    No skiing possible here, so the winter is only good when I can stay warm inside snuggling in my pjs (driving on snow freaks me out), looking at the city's white coat through the windows.

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    Everything BUT summer.

    I love the cold of Winter and the SLIM chance it will snow.
    Wooo crunching in leaves and all that for Fall.... granted, pine straw isn't really the same >.<
    And its not ungodly hot yet in Spring.

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    Autumn, right after the bugs die, but the temperatures are still wonderful. Working outside spoils summer and winter immensely. I can't wait for these two season to end.

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    I only have one.... >_> That's summer..... But I like the winterish summer (gets to about 70. Which is nice)

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