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    i just asked AB Universe for a refund or exchange for 2 cases of assure discount brief. They weren't expensive ($33 for a case of 92 medium or 72 large) but i fill they made a big sizing error. The medium says it will fit a 44 waist,My waist is 36 and the diaper has at least a 1 or 2 inch gap between the from and back part(the part with the tabs and were you connect um) These things would be tight if i had a size 32 waist. Does any body know how the will respond?

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    They will use a standard response which is typical of a hygienic product, and that is: no returns or refunds on opened products (and usually any product). You are responsible for ordering a sample pack before investing in whole cases.

    Too bad, better luck next time!

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    That, and the fact AB universe is known for its lack of good customer support.

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    you say to order a sample pack but they don't offer samples of the assure there one of the few items not included in the sampler I called them and they said the will send me 2 cases of the larger size apparently I'm not the only one who has complained about these.I ordered 2 cases of the mediums.

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